Apps, new buzzword at MS TechED

Apps, new buzzword at MS TechED

Apps, new buzzword at MS TechED

Microsoft’s TechED, the event that normally focuses around developers and enterprise solutions, has a new buzz this year: apps.

The company, which diversified its operating system across tablets, smartphones with Windows 8 besides the more conventional formfactors, has more tracks around app design and development.

“Even as recently as last year, the queries were around more traditional forms of software like the enterprise,” said Microsoft India’s Director (Strategic Audience Marketing) Pratima Amonkar on the sidelines of the two-day event which got underway on Monday.

 “This year, the queries have been almost entirely about app development. Though developers have an idea, they still have to get around things like functional design, ease of use and compatibility with various form factors. We have a Windows Stores App Lab (at the event) where experts are guiding developers in getting the apps right,” Amonkar added.

 The software giant, indeed, has a more permanent presence of the Lab in its Bangalore and Mumbai offices, where experts even field queries about apps through emails.

 “If they (developers) send the app through email, we test and point to them the necessary changes to improve the functional quality and also the optional changes that would improve the experience,” said Sander, who manages the Lab in Bangalore. He said nearly 1,000 developers have taken advantage of the free service at the Lab and experts at the TechEd have been ‘booked for both the days.’  The first developer event after Microsoft released Windows 8 late last year and has been going ahead with its plans for smartphone and tablet market, the focus is also on how to equip developers on leveraging the operating systems across form factors.

The “Cloud Bus”, a mobile demonstration of how Microsoft Windows servers 2012 is optimised for private cloud deployment, was also available at the event, attended by thousands of developers from across the country.  Microsoft is hosting a similar event in Pune next week.