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Last Updated 24 November 2014, 09:20 IST

Education only solution to eradicate superstition

Sir, The refers to the report, 'Religious heads demand law against superstition' (DH Nov 18).

No law against such beliefs will remove such acts by people, only continuous education of people starting in schools and colleges and self help groups could bring about a change. Superstitions are prevalent in all religions and across nations.

Beliefs which cause dangers to others should be prohibited by law. Going to places such as temples/churches/mosques/gurdwaras are on individuals belief and does not cause problems to others. Prostrating before deities and gurus can not be superstition. Education on these is the solution and not law.


Abolish free time to political parties onpublic-broadcasters

Sir, Prasar Bharti should abolish practice of giving free time to political parties on Doordarshan and All India Radio (Akashvani) during election-season.

Practice started in an era when only these two public-broadcasters were there with no private Television-channels and radio-network existing has lost relevance because political parties afford huge money in election-campaign on private TV news-channels and other modes of communications.

Otherwise also since political parties are not complying with full-bench CIC-verdict holding them under purview of RTI Act, it is senseless to provide such indirect government-funding to political parties in form of precocious time on Doordarshan and All India Radio (Akashvani).

Madhu Agarwal,
New Delhi

Tussle over Nehru's legacy

Sir, It is amusing if not farcical that the Congress party is trying to appropriate Jawaharlal the iconic leader for themselves to spite Modi lest he steels the lime light (DH-18/11/14) Afrer all Jawaharlal was a tall leader who belongs to whole of India and no party can own him as their copyright.

The desperate way the Congress is trying by having a celebration to which many former world leaders have been invited while Modi who is the prime minister of India has not been invited only shows that the party is only diminishing the stature of Jawaharlal while Modi is striding across the globe in giant steps as a world leader being given red carpet treatment everywhere.

It is ironical that Congress does not realise that it is they who in a way contributed to build up the image of Modi. Their invectives have proved a blessing to Modi. In other words, it will only prove in future elections that even 44 seats they got in Lok Sabha elections was only by fluke.

H.R.Bapu Satyanarayana,

Students prefer board exams over CCE

Sir, This refers to the report ‘Students want board exams back’ (DH, Nov 18). The students’ suggestion that they want the board examinations back need be considered seriously.

Despite several reported drawbacks, the board exams have the potential to orient the students towards a better academic achievement, and is a better assessment method than the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation process.

Ideally, no doubt, CCE is the best form of assessment. But one has to genuinely doubt, as the students have learnt, the success rate of this method for several obvious reasons in the prevailing scenario in the education sector in the country.

Similarly the students are right in opting for the marking system over the grading pattern. After all, grading, as followed in our system, is done after evaluating the answer scripts based on marks.

What is probably needed is to strengthen and refine the board examination system by plugging the loopholes at various stages of the process.

K K Cherian,

(Published 24 November 2014, 08:49 IST)

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