Today's Letters

Today's Letters

What happened to the smoking ban?


 Government has banned smoking in public places from last October. But it is yet to be implemented. In public places; college campus, canteen, theaters still smoking is a common act to behold. Smoking has become a fashion status among youngsters. No authorities to question and punish the law offenders and as usual statutory warnings go unheard. What happened to the government's order to punish them with the fine of rupees 250? Would the concerned authorities mind to take action for smoking in public places?

Asha S Basavayya

Government is wasting public funds mindlessly

It was  disgusting to read that the BJP sarkar had sent 5 BWSSB officers  for a conference in USA on water quality problems. The government wasted Rs. 8.2 lakhs on this trip. There are many research organisations in India which can teach them the same issues.
Israel has successfully converted sea water into potable water economically. Why did we not invite an expert from Israel to solve our water shortage problems? The CM Yedyurappa has boasted only a few days back that he has banned foreign jaunts.The citizens would like to know from the CM who actually sanctions these unworthy tours.
Even poor people have sumptuously contributed to flood relief funds. Yet, the government is wasting public funds mindlessly. To top it all the CM is plans to  collect new taxes from the common man. Do you expect the common man to tolerate these economic humbugs and public loot?

Dr. K.S.Krishnamurthy,

Abjure violence before talks?

Home Minister Chidambaram's condition to Maoists that they must abjure violence before talks can commence is at par with Israeli prime minister's demand that the Palestinian authority should recognise Israel as a Jewish state before the stalled talks can re-commence. If one side to a problem can get its major point even before talks commence, then where is the incentive for that party to reach a settlement?

C J M Mathew

Wake-up call for our bureaucrats

It is a disgrace that India collaborates with Israel. The shameless rulers of our country have not a shred of humanity or morality left in them. Israel, in cahoots with the USA, has oppressed the Palestinian people for over 60 years. Its treatment of them in illegally occupied territories is worse than what the whites did to native South African blacks.
At the behest of the US, India has decided to abandon the support of the Palestinian struggle in favour of the racist Israeli government.
Our administration is now the largest purchaser of Israeli armaments. Israeli soldiers (just coming off killing, maiming, humiliating Palestinians in occupied territories) are welcomed as tourists to our country. There is not a shred of honour left in India's ruling class.

Sadu Nanjundiah

Why police use public transport to move criminals?

Human error was stated as the prima facie reason for Goa express accident. A section of the press has reported that the Cops pulled the chain of Mewar Express when a notorious criminal Munna Sajid gave them a slip. Due to which Mewar Express came to a grinding halt, the Goa express rammed in to it immediately. If this is true I would blame the railway administration for allowing police to take criminals in the train along with regular passengers.

K R Anandagopalan