Police outposts, quarters in shambles

Last Updated 25 March 2013, 20:40 IST

The cops who are supposed to secure people’s lives are themselves living in insecure conditions. Policemen are living in the houses which hardly provide a decent living.

The building which houses police outposts of Thithimati is also in a pathetic condition and might collapse any time.

The outpost building near Thithimathi main road is almost 50 years old. The building constructed with mud and bricks has become weak and may collapse.

The front portion of the building is painted and looks as if it is in a good condition. However, looking at the back portion of the building, one will come to know the reality.

The walls have cracks on all four sides. Bandicoots have dug holes in the walls. The wooden roof has become weak. The windows and roof tiles are damaged. The condition of the police quarters is no different. The quarters are small and are pathetic condition. The authorities have not taken any measures to make even minor repairs.

Out post has about 1.25 acre land. However, the land records are still in the possession of the forest department. As a result, the authorities are not able to take up any new work on the land, said sources. The outpose has one dafedar and three constables.

“We had appealed to the authorities to repair the outpost building and quarters. Once we get green signal, we will take up the repair work with the available funds,” said Ponnampet Sub Inspector Subramanya.

(Published 25 March 2013, 20:40 IST)

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