Anurag Sinha to marry girlfriend Nov 19

Anurag Sinha to marry girlfriend Nov 19

The two have been seeing each other for five years.
Anurag told IANS: "We thought it was about time we made it official. Our parents were getting somewhat anxious. We thought we could make a nice team and probably work together."

Mitakshara is writing a script which she hopes to direct with Anurag in the lead. "Neither of us is in a hurry to become successful overnight. We've time on our side. And we don't wish to do the work we don't want to."

Anurag has signed only one film, Owais Husain's untitled venture, after his debut. It is  to be completed soon.

The wedding will take place Nov 19 at Gurgaon near Delhi followed by a reception in  Anurag's hometown Patna Nov 23.

"At the moment I'm fitting into sherwanis, trying to overcome my shyness about the wedding," says Anurag.