'The Khan family is so loving'

'The Khan family is so loving'

The duo started off with a bang with Salman-Kajol starrer Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya, and went on to give many hits including Sonu Nigam’s album Deewana, Hello Brother, and more recently, Partner, Welcome and Wanted. The two fondly remember their first show, which was in Bangalore at the Palace Grounds more than a decade ago. “It’s a beautiful City,” says Sajid.

Their forthcoming releases include Jaane Kahan Se Aaye, Peter Gaya Kaam Se and Veer. “We are booked till the end of next year,” smiles Sajid. The two are also excited about Wajid’s first album. “He is the only singer, all of whose songs are superhits,” says Sajid about his brother, who has sung songs like Tujhe Aksa Beach Dikhaun, Bang Bang, Jalwa and Soni De Nakhre apart from the title track of Dus Ka Dum.
“Bang Bang from Hello is like an international song, for which we followed the tracks of bands like Scorpions and Pearl Jam,” assert the two of them. “For the title track of Hello, we got a 16-year-old freestyle rapper from Pune to get the right accent of a call centre worker,” they add. The two are also proud of their work in Veer.

“For the first time, someone apart from A R Rahman has given music for a period film,” say the two, who admire Rahman as well.

From their first project Pyaar Kiya To Darna Kya to Wanted, Main Aurr Mrs Khanna and now Veer, the duo’s association with Salman Khan and his family has been close. “In fact, for Eid, I make biryani in their house,” laughs Sajid. But on a serious note, he adds, “It’s been a fantastic experience working with the Khans. The entire family is so loving and Sohail is one of the best producers to work with,” they say.
About Don’t Say Alvida, which was appreciated by music-lovers, Sajid says, “It’s a new form of approach, something similar to the hit song Please Don’t Go.”

   The two add, “These days, there is no romance in people’s lives. Since people cannot sing, they dedicate songs to convey messages to their loved ones. So music to us is a form of communication.”