Safety gear in place

Safety gear in place

Biking Trips

Safety gear in place

Bangalore is no stranger to biking groups — people with the common passion for riding, who regularly ride down to places to feel a sense of camaraderie.

But as is the case with any machine or adventure, there’s always the possibility of something going drastically wrong — accidents are not unheard of and the degree of injury varied.

Metrolife speaks to some bikers in the City to understand the kind of safety precautions taken on such rides. 

The folks at ‘Bangalore Motorcycle Club’, for instance, take safety very seriously.

“As a preparation, at a bare minimum, we insist that riders wear a good helmet with a clear visor, a riding jacket, riding gloves and a good pair of shoes. There are also riders who invest in good, protective armour like knee guards, riding jackets with elbow and shoulder pads and other such things. You get a wide variety of protective gear in the market that is suitable for all kinds of budgets,” informs Surendar Velu, who is in charge of the group’s finances and plays the role of a ‘sweep rider’
on trips.

He goes on to elaborate the procedure of going on any trip.

He says, “On the road, any ride starts with a briefing by the ‘ride pilot’ about safe riding, rules to follow and so on and there are one or two ‘sweep riders’ (depending of the size of the group) who keep riding back and forth along the pack to make sure riders follow proper basic discipline and do not cause inconvenience to other road users.”

He adds, “There is also camaraderie between the riders — riders are expected to respect their fellow riders and signal any possible obstacles on the road, like stones or potholes so that they take necessary action in avoiding them.”

From what the experts say, a lot of danger is avoided simply by keeping bike formations in mind.

“No matter what formation you use, one needs to keep at least two bike lengths between riders at all times. Using a staggered riding formation provides sufficient space cushion between group members. Each rider must have enough space and
time to react to any hazards that they may encounter,” explains Abijith M, who founded ‘Trailbug and Wanderlust’, a group that organises off beat motorcycle tours. He adds that the three essentials to carry on any biking journey are a first aid box, spares and proper riding gear.

Even at ‘Royal Knights Motorcycle Club’, the same set of precautions is taken. “We follow all the rules and regulations of road travel, carry all the required gear and maintain lane discipline so as to not disturb other vehicles on the road. As a group, we stick to formations, which helps keep a check on speed and maintain ‘breaking distance’.”

He says, “Two sets of mirrors are also mandatory for the members to keep checking who is behind them. For first aid, some riders keep their own kits but we carry them as a group as well,” notes Debraj Banerjee, who started the club. “Accidents rarely take place because we are all well-trained and know what good riding is. Usually, the only hazard we face is animals crossing the road,” he sums up.

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