Pooling in their talent

Pooling in their talent

The Pratima Art Gallery is hosting four artists whose works are on till the end of the month at the Gallery on M G Road. Each of the artists have picked themes that are varied in form and content. Each piece of art tells a different story and takes the onlooker to a different imaginative level altogether.

    D H Suresh from Mysore chose to capture a village life in full. He has used bright colours such as red, green and orange to portray the same. “I have tried to showcase life in a village. The calm and the serenity of the countryside is unmatched,” says Suresh.

    Shankar V Kadakuntla mixed traditional folk sculptures with superstition. He has painted a fortune-teller and a snake man with Lord Vishnu and temple architecture as a backdrop. Explaining the rationale behind this, Shankar says his idea was to remind one that people like the snake man and fortune-teller continue to do their part to remind one of the existence of God.

    “They reinforce the power of God and instill the fear of the almighty in each one of us,” says Shankar. Sujithkumar G S Mandya has played up the concept of light. Have you ever wondered what happens when sunlight falls on people? he asks.
    He has captured two college-going girls and has focused on the sun rays that make their faces look bright, children returning home from school, a child who assists her mother at a construction site and a vendor waiting for someone to buy his wares. 

   The artists have done well in exploring themes such as freedom struggle, religion and love.