Anomalies in varsities on rise: Governor

Anomalies in varsities on rise: Governor

Caste politics one of the reasons for growing incidents of students suicide

Inaugurating the 20th session of the Karnataka History Congress held by History Department of Bangalore University on Thursday, the Governor said that the increasing number of students committing suicides in the colleges is alarming. It reflects the anomalies in the universities and also the ‘caste politics’ played by the college managements which is one of the main reasons for increase in students suicide, he said.  

He also said that the once popular Mysore University has also not been spared of the politics played by the managements and so is the condition of Kuvempu University.
“There is no university which can be spoken of high regard for its academic and administrative set up. The selection of vice-chancellor and registrar should be done by a transparent process sans the political intervention.”

Higher platform

The Governor said that Karnataka is the land of Madhwacharya. Following the values of these eminent scholars would take the education system to a higher platform, he said.
“The responsibility of building the nation lies on the universities which are the centres of the development. For a better society, we require the best educational institutions. An accountable and responsible vice chancellor with an equally good administrative officials is a dire requirement at all universities,” the Governor added.

Former Tumkur University  vice-chancellor Prof O Ananthramaiah  said that the documents from 1950 which went missing from the archives must be retrieved and an investigation must be conducted regarding the same.

Prof Anantharamaiah remarked, “History has the power and the capacity to solve the issues and problems of future. It is the responsibility of every individual to preserve every detail of history. It is impossible to build the future with the foundation of history.”