It's completely Southern

It's completely Southern

Vegetarian delights

 The delicious spread.

South Bangalore is inundated with quite a number of small restaurants. Upahara Darshini, a tiny joint situated near Netkallappa Circle, one of the biggest intersections of South Bangalore, is one such popular eatery. It is an exclusive breakfast centre which offers South Indian food.

Upahara Darshini gives you the pleasure of savouring hot coffee and yummy South-Indian varieties in fully air-conditioned interiors. As an added delight comes the old nostalgic numbers played in the background. The place remains overcrowded all the time. Be it the idlis with the authentic sambhar, the sweet and sour curd vada, the tangy shavige bath, the smooth dosas, every bite of the food offers authentic South Indian essence.

“Upahara Darshini heralded the birth of Darshini culture in the country,” says Janardhan, owner of the joint. “We were the first in the country to introduce this self-service, open-kitchen system. My brother Prabhakar mooted this idea with the intention of providing hygienic food at reasonable price. People accepted it wholeheartedly.”

In a quick span of time, the eatery has earned a good number of regular customers. Keshav, who frequents this place, says, “I love to come here for breakfast and don’t mind visiting the place regularly.”

“Kharabath and Chowchow bath are my all-time favourites, along with crispy vadas. I have made friends with some of the regular visitors,” he adds.

Badam Halwa is the special delicacy prepared only on Sundays but it has many takers. “This eatery is known for its masala dosa but other things also taste divine like Shavige Bath and Kharabath. Even on Sundays, I come here to take badam halwa for my family,” says Rehman, a regular at the outlet.