Today's letters

Today's letters


Save our environment

I was happy to read that Bollywood actor, Ranvir Kapoor and film director Prakash Jha, who were shooting for their film "Rajneeti" in Bhopal, participated in a bicycle rally as a part of an environment awareness campaign organised by a voluntary organisation.

There is an urgent need for all of us to participate in this programme, even though we are busy in our own world. We have to save our planet from the upcoming evils caused due to global warming. We can participate in this programme by recycling paper and using the other side for rough work, using public transports and cycles instead of other private vehicles. Walking small distances will not only save valuable fuel but also will give you good health. 

Cajetan Peter D'Souza,
Pantnagar, Ghatkopar,
Mumbai 400 075.

BMTC buses

As a resident of Ramachandrapura (Jalahalli Post), I am requesting BMTC authorities to sanction one BMTC Bus from Ramachandrapura to Peenya 2nd Stage since there are more number of working people commute between these two places everyday.

In the absence of direct buses from R.C. Pura to Peenya Industrial area, many people have to walk more than a kilometer (up to Gangamma Circle) to catch the bus for Peenya.

Also, it would be nice if one or two BMTC Buses (401 series buses, like 401B, 401R, etc.) pass through Ramachandrapura and join BEL Circle from Vidyaranyapura, it would be of great help for the people of the area since there are any number of 401 series BMTC Buses run between Vidyaranyapura and other parts of city.

H. Suryaranayana,
Ramachandra Pura,
Bangalore 560013

Wait and watch

PM Manmohan's call to Pakistan to reciprocate the friendship offered by India in the interest of the people of both nations will not find any positive response from Pakistan. They are in the mood of accusing us for funding Taliban. Taliban is bleeding Pakistan almost everyday and this is not the time for talks with Pak. We must wait and watch how Pak is countering Taliban within Pak as well as their sincerity in stopping Taliban in case of any spill over. It is time for us to keep vigilant on borders as well as strengthen our internal security.

K R Anandagopalan
Vinayaka Layout
Hebbal Kempapura

Agassi disappoints

It is quite astonishing and disappointing to note that Andre Agassi has revealed that he used a recreation crystal meth drug in 1997. He is reported to have lied to the tennis authorities when he failed in the dope test. Why he was not subjected to proper medical examination? Why he was shown that liniency? 
His performance in 1997 dwindled.  He ranked 147th postion then. He subsequently finished world No. 1 in 1999. This raises doubt whether he continued to use the recreation durg for a long time. This needs to be probed. He should also be stripped off the No.1 US open title of 1999. Also, those found guilty in showing him liniency should be taken to task.

Sravana Ramachandran,

A great umpire

David Shepherd was a great umpire.  His death is a great loss to the entire cricket world.  He was loved, respected and admired for his accurate and faultless decisions.  He was also a superstitious man.  He used to stand on one leg when a team scored 111 runs which he considered unlucky.  He will be remembered for a long time by the cricket world.
N. R. Ramachandran,

Kudos to India

Bravo Dhoni. After a long time, Dhoni played to his calibre setting aside captaincy tag. Had India been little bit lucky, the score now would be 2-0. Any how, India showed it's real calibre at Nagpur. Hope, they continue this in the remaining matches and win the series hands down. Kudos to Indian team for Nagpur win and good wishes for the series triumph.

V S Ganeshan