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Last Updated 17 May 2013, 15:54 IST

The build-up to the announcement of the ICSE and ISC results was a tense period for students. Now that they are out, achievers from different schools have stepped into a celebratory mode. The toppers from ICSE and ISC are looking forward to selecting the subjects of their choice. Metrolife speaks to a few of the toppers, who are relieved and exhilarated at the same time.

Shubham Bhuwalka, Bishop Cotton Boys’ School 98.5 per cent (Commerce)

It’s not easy to bag 98.5 per cent in the commerce stream and get a 99 per cent in mathematics, 98 per cent in commerce and 97 per cent in English. But it wasn’t too difficult a task for Shubham, who worked rather consistently, towards this score. “Frankly, I didn’t have to put in any extra effort, during the exams because I studied throughout the year. That’s why I was relaxed in February before the exams and even played a lot of table tennis between each exam to unwind. I put in four to five hours a day and I have my teachers, parents and tuition teachers to thank for my success,” shares Shubham, who hopes to pursue management in Christ College. 

He adds, “Even though, this year’s papers were the toughest, looks like the evaluation has been extremely lenient.” His mother Kavita and father Kishan are both proud of their son’s results.

 “It is all because of his efforts. He has always been focussed and knows what he has to do. We will support him in whatever decision he takes,” they say.

Kartik V, Bishop Cotton Boys’ School, 97.25 per cent (Science)

For Kartik V, it was the most memorable day of his life when he found out that he had topped his school. 

“I studied one subject at a time. Instead of looking at the number of hours I put in a day, I set goals to finish certain topics by the end of the day,” explains Kartik, who wishes to pursue aeronautical engineering. 

He says, “My advice to others is not to study for long hours at a stretch. Also, one should never keep portions till the last minute to avoid unnecessary stress. Every hour or so, I took a break, did deep breathing and then got back to my books.” 

His parents confess that while they were sure Kartik would score well, they never imagined him to top his school. 

“From LKG to 12th standard, he has always been a hard working student and has never gone for tuitions. We are very happy and feel blessed to have a son like him,” shares his mother Meenakshi P V. 

His father Venkat Raman S S notes that he has never felt more proud of his son. As told to Treena Mukherjee, Tini Sara Anien, Rohini Kejriwal, Mrinalika Krishnan and Rachita Reddy.

Alistair Lewis, Clarence High School, 98 per cent (Science)

Alistair from the Science stream says that it wasn’t very hard to score 98 per cent. “I used to concentrate in class. One should work hard throughout the year to get a good score,” says Alistair. He believes that cramming at the end of the year doesn’t help at all. A systematic approach is important. 

Alistair’s interest lies in playing the violin. He aims to pursue pure science and become a scientist.  His parents Leena Lewis and H L Lewis are very proud of their son’s achievement. 

Leena says, “Alistair has always been a good student. He’s fun-loving and enjoys music but he’s very focussed when it comes to his studies.” 
Tasneem Kera, Bethany High School,
95.5 per cent (Arts)

Tasneem’s parents are ecstatic about her performance. “We didn’t have to pressurise her at all. She has been consistent in her performance throughout the year,” says her father Ali Asgar. “We were rigorously tested throughout the year in school. So I was not nervous when I wrote my board exams. I watched television whenever I needed a break and I think everyone should relax before the exams,” says Tasneem Kera. 

Stuti Sandip Shah, Sophia High School
96.25 per cent, (Arts) Stuti, an arts student, was ecstatic about her score. She asserts that a balance between extracurricular activities and academics is a must. “I was the head-girl of my school and was actively involved in sports. I’ve never limited myself to academics,” says Stuti. She adds that she worked really hard since February. A proud father, Sandip Shah says, “Stuti was always very diligent and serious with everything that she did. Be it in extracurricular activities or academics, she always knew when to focus on things.”

Damini Gairola, Bethany High School, 96.5 per cent (Commerce)

An elated Damini Gairola confesses, “I studied  diligently. There were a lot of pre-board exams which gave me sufficient practice. I love dancing and that really helped beat the stress.” She is now planning to pursue BCom. Her mother Meenakshi Gairola is thrilled with her performance. 

She says “It was her determination that got her thus far. She went for very little coaching and has always been an all-rounder.” She says, “Don’t leave anything for the last minute, do your bit everyday.”

Anurup Doshi, Bishop Cotton Boys’ School, 96.83 per cent

Even when his parents told him to go out and play, Anurup was content spending time with his books. 

“I started studying from November and it was quite a haphazard process for me since I never stuck to a time table,” shares Anurup, whose favourite subjects are mathematics and science. 

 “After the first few exams, I just got into the groove.” For his parents, this result was the best gift he could give them. 

“We’re really proud of him and also give credit to his school teachers. He has always been a sincere boy and we’ve had to tell him not to take pressure,” laughs Rakhi, his mother.  His father, Ajay Kumar, adds, “We always told him to do his work — whatever results he would get would be good!”

Riya Bijoy,  Clarence High School,

 97.8 per cent
A meticulous preparation, is what is required to crack exams like the ICSE, says Riya. “I wasn’t stressed at all during the exam. The pre-final exams at school, had prepared us well for the final exams,” adds Riya. She says that she was involved in a lot of extracurricular activities at school and believes that studies need to be mixed with such activities. Her other interests include singing, listening to music and dancing. Her father Bijoy Cherian and mother Mini Bijoy are delighted. 

Mini says, “We were all expecting a good score from her but we were pleasantly surprised to see such a great result. She has been working really hard.” Riya will be pursuing the science stream, and wants to become a doctor. 

Alishan Aziz, Baldwin Boys High School, 96.67 per cent

Alishan confesses that his only hobby is studying because he is curious and wants to know more about the subjects that he is learning. “I was the school captain and was also involved in a lot of co-curricular activities. I did not have a fixed time table but had a target everyday,” he says. His mother Joyce Aziz and father Abdul Aziz say that he has been a hard worker and has never given them any trouble. “He is a very helpful child and I am very proud of him. He did not take any tuitions and studied regularly,” she says. 
Namitha Padmanabhan, Baldwin Girls High School,
96.33 per cent

Namitha’s father M Padmanabhan and mother Hamsaveni say that she worked very hard. Namitha is thrilled to do so well .“My teachers were excellent and I did not have to put in extra effort during the exams, except being attentive in class. I am still deciding what to choose, it will be either engineering or medicine. I did not think about the outcome and simply put in my best.”es.

(Published 17 May 2013, 15:54 IST)

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