'Bowler' Gilly gets a wicket with last ball of his career

'Bowler' Gilly gets a wicket with last ball of his career

'Bowler' Gilly gets a wicket with last ball of his career

Just like Sunil Gavaskar always had a twinkle in his eyes whenever he spoke about denying Zaheer Abbas a century by getting his only Test scalp, Adam Gilchrist will tell you the 'tale' of how he got Harbhajan Singh out with last delivery of his competitive career.

Playing the last match of his competitive career, the 41-year-old decided to bring the 'off-spinner' in him to the forefront. The first ball that he bowled saw Harbhajan try a wild slog and Gurkeerat Singh at boundary line took an easy catch.

Believe it or not, it proved to be 'Lucky 13' for Gilly as he had only bowled 12 deliveries prior to this in 648 competitive matches at the senior level.

It was a delight to see the hearty laugh of Gurkeerat but more so Gilchrist uncharacteristically breaking into 'Gangnam Style' dance followed by Pollard like celebrations as he was lustily cheered by the crowd.

The Kings Xi Punjab skipper got a fitting farewell as his teammates gave him a lap of honour on their shoulders with the supporters giving him a standing ovation.

"Harbhajan took my wicket many many times, so I just wanted to mimic the reaction. Really well received by this fabulous crowd," Gilchrist said in jest.

About the season, Gilchrist admitted it was a mixed one.

"Eight wins and eight losses, that sums up our cricket the last three years. It will be interesting to see how careers go over the next few years. Happy to watch now and be entertained. I have had wonderful memories with Kings XI."