Colour on the streets

Colour on the streets

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Colour on the streets

Every year, summer speaks of a fresh fashion statement and this year is no different. Jeans have seen all types of transformation —from bell-bottoms, skinny jeans to jeggings. This year, coloured jeans have really taken fashionistas’ fancy by storm.

These jeans have gained a lot of popularity because it is not restricted to any age group. And it also manages to attract a wide range of takers among men and women.

Available from a range of light subtle colours to bright neon ones, one can actually match their jeans with one’s mood.

People have started wearing these jeans to a lot of social gatherings, hangouts and parties. And a pair of coloured jeans is something which one can wear to any event and look fashionable.

Aryan Zomoyoki, an arts student, says, “I love the fact that coloured jeans make me look well dressed for lunch and equally good for a party at night.”

A pair of coloured jeans works out really well for college going students because it helps them be different and brings in variety in their dressing. “When I go to college I can match my kurtis with my coloured jeans and also wear them with short tops. It works both ways for me. I save money by not buying coloured leggings for my kurtis,” says Binita, a commerce student. Most girls are completely in love with coloured jeans. Priyanka M C, an architecture student, says, “I really love coloured jeans. I think it is really in vogue right now and it makes jeans look way more dressy!”

Aishwarya Nayak, a communication student, feels that coloured jeans is a trend that should never go out of fashion. She adds, “I think it is a must in everyone’s wardrobe.”

Guys too are not too far behind when it comes to wearing these coloured pants.

Akshay Sharat, a management student, says, “It’s an excellent and refreshing trend. I like the fact that now even men are encouraged to experiment with different colours.”

This season, jeans have become the focal point of one’s outfit for both men and women and it works well with all because it can be worn to almost all occasions. Just a walk down Brigade Road or Commercial Street will tell you how fast the trend is catching on.

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