Today's Letters

Today's Letters

Watch out Reddys

For  the Chief Minister Yeddyurapa the rebellion from Reddys could not have come at a worse time when  his attention is focused on bringing solace and help to the people of  north Karnataka which  is reeling under  the devastation caused  by the unprecedented flood of the century(Ugly fight-30/10/09).

 It must be realised that both are suffering from King size ego and it is not certain who will blink Whatever the provocation for Reddys to queer the pitch they must realise that their first priority should be to strengthen the party's unity and not indulge in such acts that may eventually tell on the fortunes of the BJP party which has wrested power from the Congress for the first time in Karnataka's political history.

More over  the affairs of the party is none too good and with recent drubing suffered in state elections in three states  the paramount interest is to put its house in order. However, Reddys choosing this time whatever justification they have will not be seen in favourable light. The upshot is either the party will break up or give way for the Congress and JD(S) waiting in the wings to come centre stage and  the blame for this will entirely fall on Reddys unless they yield to patch up

H.R.Bapu Satyanarayana
2nd Cross,
Mysore 570009.

In right direction

It is good to see that centre has come out with a action plan to act tough on naxalities,. "Operation Green Front" is a step in the right direction,as para military forces and police compromise a team  to counter the threat of Naxalities. Before embarking on any action plan their is a need to understand the ground realities of the tribes and under no circumstances,development and rehabilitation work should  suffer so that Naxalites can be crushed,and do not receive undue importance from tribes and local chiefs.

Inamdar Ramachandra
1st 'N' Block, Rajajinagar
Mobile: 9900143250

Take care of rescued children

It is the bounden duty of the officers attached to the state run Govt. homes/private child care centres and that of the dept. of women and child welfare under the relevant provisions of JJAct to see that the rescued children are looked well till they attain the age majority.

But seldom the rescued children are looked after well and are being subjected to torture by  the State run centres.

This is not in tune with the purpose for which such care centres are set up and disciplinary action should be initiated on the head of those centres for the deriliction of their duties of looking after the welfare of the unfortunate kids,and further the heads of the centres should try to locate the relatives/parents of these children in the first instance for the purpose of sending them home or in the absence of locating their parents should retain them in the centres till they attain the age of majority.

Therefore the authorities should instruct the state run and private children care centres in accordance with the provisions of the JJ Act,as they are accountable for any lapse in discharging their duties.

B S Raghavendra Rao,
Sterling Terraces, BSK 3rd.Stage,

More fiction than facts  

This refers to the article " Why not a Dalit Priest " ? on 28 October 2009
which has  more fiction than facts and historical inaccuracies.

The author says that  Deepavali is a anti Dalit- Bahujan festival as Narakasura
was a shudra and how could a festival that celebrates the death of a shudra
be considered a secular festival.I would like to remind the author that Narakasura
was also a asura or evil.

While I thank the author for educating millions of readers and letting us know
that Narakasura was a shudra, which fact I don't think most of us knew. The
same argument will hold good for Vijayadashami which is celebrated to mark
the victory of Rama over Ravana, a devout Bramhin, who is killed in the battle.
No right thinking secular Indian, more so Brahmins should celebrate Vijayadashami
because how could a festival that celebrates the death of a Bramhin be considered
a secular festival? .But the fact/ reality is entirely different. Deepavali and Vijayadashami
are national festivals and are celebrated by all Indians irrespective of their caste.
The author is also way off the mark when he says that millions of Dalits are not
allowed to enter Hindu temples .
For argument sake why not ban reservations in India because of which the NRIs
have migrated to all parts of the world resulting in a brain drain.
Vasant Hegde
WOC Road, Mahalaxmipuram
Bangalore 560086

Not balanced

The celebration of Deepavali festival in White House has become a fodder for the author of the article ( Why not a Dalit priest -DH 28 Oct) to spew venom on a particular community. Where was the necessity to describe the Bramin priest as one 'with a shaven head, semi naked body and three fold Vaishnava namam!'. How can he call Deepavali as an 'anti-Dalit-Bahujan' festival just because Narakasura who was killed was a shudra, as per his view?

Is not Dasara festival celebrated to commemorate the killing of Ravana, a Brahmin?.

These festivals are celebrated only to reiterate the value of the destruction of the evil over goodness. 

We did not expect an esteemed paper like ' Deccan Herald ' with a balanced out look to publish an article of this kind.

T K Nagarajan,
46, Narayanappa Block,
RT Nagar, Bangalore 32.

In bad taste

The article " Why not a Dalit priest" (Deccan Herald Oct28) is in bad taste with venomous intent and couched in a  language reminiscent of Churchill's description of Gandhiji as " Half naked fakir".After all it is a great gesture on the part of President of the USA to inaugurate amidst Vedic chants of a Hindu  priest,  the Deepavali festival   symbolising the victory of good over evil . At a time when we in India should be applauding Mr.Obama for endorsing the significance of this festival of lights, it is sad to see columnists like Kancha Illiah throwing sinister and dastardly aspersions on the attire of Hindu priests and credentials of Vedic culture and   Hindu mythology. An esteemed daily like The Deccan Herald should refrain from accepting such provocative articles for publication which sow the seed for serious disharmony and enmity in our society.

110, Road No2, TMC colony,
Mahendra Hills,

Mischievous masterminds

Getting propelled by the mischievous masterminds - the Bellary Brothers -, Jagdish Shettar seems to be enjoying the fantasy of soon becoming the Chief Minister of Karnataka with their common vengence against Yeddyurappa, overlooking the inevitability of being led only to troubled waters.

Currently holding the exalted position of Assembly Speaker, Shettar is better advised to stay on there rather than jump into the so-called active politics which is lacking in principles.  Instead of helping to curb dissidence at this moment of flood-havoc, Shettar is playing into the plot of moneybag-manipulators & is unwittingly adding fuel to the unworthy fire.

Poda De
Brigade Residency, Bangalore-560061

Initiate stern action

It is high time that stern acton is initiated agaist the revolting Reddy Brothers from Bellary. Everyone is aware how these brothers became millionaires by exploiting the natural resources in Bellary. Shri.Yeddyurappa,made the initial mistake by inducting these brothers into his cabinet.The second mistake was to allot important portfolios like Tourism, Health and Revenue.

With the present piquant situation created by the Bellary Brothers, Shri.Yeddyurappa should come down heavily and dismiss them from his cabinet and then initiate criminal action against for their nefarious activities.It is certain that Shri.Yeddyurappa would get support from all right thinking people of the State. Even if he has to quit from the Chief Minister's post,the presence of the revolting Bellary miners in the cabinet must not be tolerated.

It must be said that Shri.Yeddyurappa has two God given gifts to cash on -one is the floods in the State and the second one is the revolt by his cabinet colleagues. If the Chief Minister continues with his good work with flood affected people of Karnataka, he will endear himself to the people. Secondly, if he takes strict action against his rebellious cabinet colleagues,he will get support from all the people of the State.

Shri.B.S.Yeddyurappa should seize the present opportunity and consolidate his position and move forward with developmental activities.
Palmsprings Springs Layout
Kanakapura Main Rd
Bangalore 560 062

Good work, cops

Bangalore cops have been superb in tracking down the culprits and solving murder mysteries. The gruesome murder of the family in Ramamurthynagar has had a chilling effect on Bangaloreans. Most of the murders are for gain and committed by the people working for them. This leaves us with a question whom to trust and who to doubt?

 Amaranth Roy.C
Near Graffiti Garments

Ugly power drama

BJP does not have a proper leader in Karnataka to lead the party, stabilise the governance and consolidate the advantage caused by inefficiencies in other parties. The ugly drama going on for power can be attributed to CM's giving in to the mining lobby from the beginning and bringing stability by money power of the same lobby. Now he is not able to come out of it and it has brought unstability to his own position.

The Mining lobby wants to rule the State by default. Their arguments on relief work and style of functioning of CM are all not convincing.  The relief work is the job of the Government as a whole and not of a few with money power. The whole cabinet should decide on the matter of relief work and take unanimous decisions on what is best to the State.

 Even if there is a change in leadership today, it will not last long unless he becomes a puppet in the hands of the Mining lobby. With this type of politics going on BJP will not be able to consolidate in the State and can not come to power for a second time, thanks to money power. It is better for the BJP to take a decision by which there will be a change in leadership automatically every year by rotation to save the face.

Flat.No.104, Sri Mahaveer Gardenia,
32nd Cross road, Kumaraswamy layout.
Bangalore 560078.


Make and break

Reddy Brothers made BJP Government in Karnataka and the very same people are now trying to break it .It is shocking and unwarranted event to take place at a time when the government is shaping up well and initiating various development works. By and large people are satisfied with BSY's leadership and also development so far.

No doubt Reddy Brothers with money power were instrumental in forming BJP government in Karnataka but then their performance as cabinet ministers has been dismal, which attracted criticism from all quarters. Moreover, using f unparliamentary language against the leadership will not do good for Reddy brothers. In the interest of the state, both the camps should bury their differences and work for the development of the state.


Party image hurt

It's an unseemly squabble within the ruling BJP that is hurting the party's image. When all the forces should have been mobilised to rush rescue and relief measures to the flood victims, there are endless, wasteful meetings in the city, in resorts and even outside the state where MLAs are huddled together. The time has come to take every one on board so that the government could function effectively in giving good governance. It's the ego problem of some leaders that's coming in the way of better understanding among the members. Factionalism within the BJP should be brought to an end in the interest of the party that's supposed to be a model for others.
D.B.N. Murthy
304, 6th Cross,
I Block, Jayanagar
Bangalore 560 011