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Last Updated 27 May 2013, 14:27 IST

The CBSE class 12 results are out and the toppers are over the moon. Their hard work and dedication have borne fruit. They tell Metrolife that constant and systematic preparation as well as support from their families has helped them reach their goal.

Sindhu Sreedhara, 97.8 per cent,
Sree Kumaran Children’s Home

Sindhu says that preparing for the exams was not stressful at all. “I was preparing for IIT and the CBSE exams simultaneously and this helped me a lot. I want to pursue electrical engineering in the future.” Sindhu’s father R Sreedhara says that she worked very hard.

 “She has always done well and we expected her to score good marks in CBSE examinations as well,” he notes.

Geethika Haridasan, 97.4 per cent,
NPS Koramangala

Geethika says studying systematically helps in the long run. Though a science student, she wants to pursue chartered accountancy in the future. “I was not sure what subject to study in my 12th standard and decided to take up science. However, my interests lie in accounts and commerce. Hence, I have decided to take up chartered accountancy and have also started attending classes for it,” she says.

Her mother Radha says that she is really happy with Geethika’s scores and will support her in every way possible.

Sowmya S, 98.2 per cent,
NPS Indiranagar

Sowmya is extremely excited about the score and says that studying on a regular basis proved to be really beneficial.

 “I did not take any tuitions and the moment I had a doubt, I approached my teachers. I balanced my studies along with sports as well as academics and spent a lot of time with my friends and family,” she informs.

It was a pleasant surprise for Sowmya’s father K V Sankaranarayanan. “I am really very excited to know that she has done so well. It makes me very proud,” he notes. Her mother Puvaneswari says that she is very proud and thankful to her teachers for her great scores.

Ananya Dey, 97.6 per cent,
NPS Indiranagar

Though Ananya did not get much time to study throughout the year as she was preparing for competitive exams, she solved previous years’ question papers and test papers. “I have got 100 in mathematics and I am glad that I did so well. I listened to music and played with my puppy to relax,” she says.

 Her mother Manidipa is happy and proud of her daughter and says that it’s her dedication and hard work that bore fruit.

Vasudha Himatsingka, 96.4 per cent,
DPS South

Vasudha is delighted with her results. She says, “Doing well in the exams is a balancing act. I never studied too much to the point where I would be stressed. I enjoy my practical subjects like math and accounts. For my theory subjects, all I had to do was read and understand, nothing more. I did all the things that I normally do when I don’t have exams. That kept me from getting tense.”  Her parents, Vivek and Ila Himatsingka are overjoyed as well.

“I never had to ask her to do anything. She has always been bright and I had high expectations for her from the start,” says Ila.

Even in her message to her juniors, Vasudha says, “Everyone is different and knows their capabilities. Stick to that and do your best.”

Ayushi Agarwal, 96.6 per cent,
DPS North

Ayushi Agarwal, who hails from Bihar, is overjoyed with her results. She says, “I expected 92 per cent and I am thrilled. I studied for about 4-5 hours during my pre-finals and practised many question papers. In between my studies, I took breaks and watched television and listened to music. This helped calm me down. I plan to pursue CA in Jain

Hemant Agarwal, the proud father of Ayushi, says, “She has always been a studious child and an all-rounder. She loves socialising with friends and family.”

As a message to her juniors, she says, “Don’t stress too much, stay calm and do your bit.”

Kushagra Jain, 96.2 per cent,
DPS South

Kushagara says he is ecstatic. “I studied diligently throughout my holidays as well as during the examinations. I am grateful to my parents and teachers for all their guidance and support. Hopefully, I will be able to pursue law or CA in the future,” he says. His mother, Sunita, too is thrilled. She says, “I am satisfied with his results. He has always been a sharp and intelligent boy from his childhood. But not only in studies, he loves music and outdoor sports as well.” He has some advice too. “When you strive for success, nothing is impossible,” he says.

Yashika Hooda, 96.2 per cent,
Army Public School

Although Yashika Hooda was tense about her exams, she just gave it her best shot. She says, “I finished revising a month before the exams. I had a systematic approach to my preparation, with time slotted for each subject and chapter. I fixed deadlines and stuck to them.” A mix of study and relaxation was her mantra.

She would often listen to music or paint to relax. Her father Dalbir Singh Hooda, who’s as proud as ever, says, “Yashika’s always been a very studious student. We’ve often asked her to slow down a bit, but she’s very prompt and always involved with her studies. The best thing about this achievement is that she never took any tuitions.”

Yashika will be applying for BSc (Rehabilitation) and aims to be a psychologist. “It’s very interesting to study human behaviour.

I will be able to help others in the process,” she sums up.

Tanvi Shukla, 93.6 per cent,
Army Public School

Tanvi is elated. “I wasn’t expecting so much, but I’m really glad that I scored well. It’s really hard to score high marks in humanities,” she says.

She adds that she’s a very laid back person and never really had fixed schedules.
“I sat up late into the night and brushed through my lessons. I made it a point to take notes during lectures and classes, and scanned through those notes and points before the exams. I was never tensed about the exams. Whenever I felt unnerved, I just chatted with my mom or took a walk.”

Tanvi’s interests include travelling and sketching.

Her father Amit Shukla vouches, “Tanvi’s been an organised child since a very young age. We’re very proud of her achievement, and it’s her efforts that have paid off well.” Tanvi will be taking up BA (PSEco).

Shrey Maurya, 93.8 per cent,
DPS North

Shrey Maurya is thrilled with her performance. She says “I am very happy and it’s a huge achievement for me. I love the subjects I study, I even read political science and history text books when I’m bored. It really helps when you love what you study. I always wrote and studied and that helped me retain the information. In future, I hope to obtain an honours degree in political science.”

Sathyasree Goswami, mother of Shrey, says, “She has always balanced everything in life, except her passion for reading. That is the one thing she does excessively and she hopes to become a writer in future. Both her father and I have been there to guide and remind her to work hard.”

As a message to her juniors, Shrey adds, “Fall in love with your subjects. Make sure you appreciate the knowledge you are gaining in the process of studying.”

As told to Treena Mukherjee, Tini Sara Anien, Rachita Reddy and Mrinalika Krishnan.

(Published 27 May 2013, 14:27 IST)

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