Recollecting the good old days

Fond farewellThe first-year students of the RV Institute of Management organised a memorable farewell programme called 'Swasthi - a fond farewell'
Last Updated 29 May 2013, 13:15 IST

The first-year students of the RV Institute of Management organised a memorable farewell programme called ‘Swasthi - a fond farewell’ for their seniors at the college premises, recently.

This event comprised of different games like lighting and blowing candles, paper dance, balloon-bursting and a fashion show. The senior students were also assigned
titles like ‘Mr Foodie’, ‘Ms Chatterbox’, ‘Mr Handsome’, ‘Ms Gorgeous’ and ‘Mr and Ms Popular’. The event also included group dances as entertainment, gifts and snacks to complete the event.

The senior students, who recollected their college life during this event, talked about how this was going to be a turning point in their life. Mubarak Ali, a finance and marketing student, says that this was an occasion of mixed emotions.

“We’ve had some tough weeks of dissertation. The event was a welcome break and a time to relax. We could really cool our heels off, and the juniors went out of their way to make us feel special.” He also says that it’s slowly hitting him that it’s time to leave the protective environments of their college.

Poovamma IP, another finance and marketing student, says they were lucky to have supportive teachers who have helped and encouraged them in their studies and co-curricular activities.

“I’m going to miss my friends and lecturers. Things are not going to be the same anymore as we will move out of the college environment. We will be in the race of
survival,” she says.

Most of the students vouch that college life has prepared them for the fast-paced world.

Ruben Lewis, a marketing and systems student says, “After joining RVIM, I feel  complete. There are many lessons in life which I’ve learned here and will never forget. Helpful friends and cooperative college staff have shaped us well for tomorrow.”

Ruben also adds, “The challenging part of college life was when we were doing our projects, we often had to stay up late and push our limits, which has brought out the best in us.”

Other students narrate how their initial days were unexpected.

“When I joined, it was a very different feeling as the college I went to wasn’t this strict. But I can proudly say that the code of conduct and discipline practised here will help us in the corporate world,” says Rashmi Reddy, a marketing and human resources student.

(Published 29 May 2013, 13:15 IST)

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