Not a bit of hangover in this!

The Hangover Part III
English ¬
Director: Todd Philips
Cast: Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Melissa McCarthy, John Goodman, Ken Jeong

Hangover III is just too much of everything – drama, profanity and action. Somehow, each sequel is eroding the charm of the first Hangover movie (Of  course, sequels will be compared!).

This time, there is no wedding or bachelor’s party to get them going. The wolf pack is off to get Alan (Zach Galifianakis) treated for his mental illness which aggravates after his dad’s death. They bump into Marshall (John Goodman) and his boys on the way, which gets them on a trail to find Chow (remember Ken Jeong who is usually the cause of trouble?)

Hangover III starts off with a heavy dose of slapstick humour, which is very different from the other Hangover movies. It has an overdose of Alan and Chow, sometimes, forgetting Phil (Cooper) completely.

Doug, as always has the tiniest role, of either being kidnapped or lost. We never miss him anyway. Alan’s wierdness which has never failed to evoke laughter is not up to the mark but his character remains lovable.

The only new character that adds value is that of Melissa McCarthy as Cassie. Although her character is often predictable, it is one worth remembering. 

In the end, you would think that Philips got completely confused with his ideas and went bonkers in his attempt to create a cool movie. But somehow, it just doesn’t work.
Verdict: Nothing you would expect of a Hangover movie.

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