Cop caught stealing bike on CCTV

Cop caught stealing bike on CCTV

A police constable here was caught while stealing a motorcycle belonging to one of his colleagues. During investigation, it came to light that the accused had made it a habit to steal motorcycles.

Harish Kumar Jat posted in the human rights department was finally arrested. Kotwali police, which had been following a case of motorcycle theft, also recovered three more motorcycles from the constable.

All the three two-wheelers recovered from him belonged to policemen in the city.

Jat told police that he used to steal policemen’s motorcycles as no one would doubt his involvement as he was also a cop and the vehicles had police signage.

Out of luck

However, Jat’s luck ran out after he was seen on CCTV while stealing a head constable’s motorcycle in Kotwali police station.

He had gone to Kotwali police station to manage a visit of students arranged by the human rights department.

He was there in plain clothes.

Duplicate key

After some time, he excused himself on the pretext of some personal work, came out of the police station and tried to open the lock of a bike using a duplicate key, which he always carried with him.

While pretending to be talking on his cellphone, he tried to open the locks of four motorcycles, but was unsuccessful.

He successfully opened the lock of the fifth one, but couldn’t open the ‘start lock’.
Then he walked with the vehicle to Chandpol, got a duplicate key made and parked it on Police Lines where he has a quarter.

Vehicle missing

He calmly returned to the police station after the act. The head constable came out at night to go home and found his vehicle missing.

However, scrutiny of the CCTV footage showed Harish taking away the vehicle, following which he was arrested.