Less ads on TV by October

Less ads on TV by October

Come October, TV viewers who are annoyed by frequent and long advertisement breaks can expect some relief.

Telecom Regulating Authority of India (Trai) has now made it clear that there will be a cap of 12 minutes per hour for showing advertisements and promotional clips. While the implementation of the rule will make TV watching more pleasurable for the general viewers, the broadcasters, media planners and advertisers are trying to figure out the changes that the new rule will bring. Reluctant initially to accept it, broadcasters have now agreed that the 12-minute cap should be enforced in a phased manner.

“Even though the law has been in existence for almost eight years (Advertising Code of the Cable Television Act), it never got enforced as the government apparently felt a new industry needs to develop its roots before such a law can be enforced.

“Trai apparently feels the roots have grown well and it is now time to enforce the law,” said Shailesh Shah, the secretary general of the Indian Broadcasting Federation
when asked for his take on
the issue.

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