Original tunes from Kolkata

Original tunes from Kolkata

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Original tunes from Kolkata

It takes much loyalty from music lovers to attend a particular band’s gigs every time they’re in the City. And that was apparent when Kolkata-based post-punk band, ‘The Supersonics’, performed at Hard Rock Café recently.

There were the regulars who are frequently spotted at gigs, along with a lot of new faces.The band, comprising Ananda Sen on guitar and vocals, Rohan Ganguli on guitar and backing vocals, drummer Avinash Chordia and bassist Nitin Mani, spoke little. But they more than compensated for that in their loud, tight and extremely memorable 90-minute set.

They did justice to the old and familiar songs like ‘Evil Fly’, ‘Collar Me’, ‘In Memory Of’ and ‘We Are We Are’. Newer ones like ‘Why Do I?’ and ‘Open G’ were distinctively slower and mature, appealing to those who knew their music as well as those who didn’t.

On their part, the audience took time out from the meal in front of them to applaud and cheer on the band at all the right moments. But there was no denying that for most, the music was more enjoyable than the food.

“When you see a band that’s so tight having such a good time playing, you invariably smile and enjoy yourself. That’s the kind of passion that translated to a great evening for everybody!” says Anju, an audience member.

The band members were also content with the response and relieved that they did not have to play to an audience that was more interested in watching the cricket match.
“I think they liked it. I wish there were less dining tables. But overall, the crowd was appreciative and it was a fun gig,” says guitarist Rohan Ganguli after the show.