Wedding fear

Wedding fear

Social networking site is a great thing to have happened in our generation.

Last month I completed 27 years and running 28 now. This age is one of the worst in the life of bachelors, as one cannot go to any family function peacefully.

Every relative, close or distant, has only one thing on his or her mind. ‘When is your wedding?’ ‘What kind of girl are your looking for, working or housewife?’

Unable to bare the annoying questions, I had even slapped a distant relative with an answer, “given the price rise and the salary I take home, I need two working women to look after one housewife.” I know, they are asking me with a concern, but given the kind of experience my friends underwent during their marriage proposals I get tremors while going ahead with the match making process.

This friend of mine does not believe in love marriage. He says that his parents have always given him the best and so will they when it comes to his life partner. His parents did find him a girl. They were supposed to meet in a coffee-shop. In his best dress, my friend went to the cafe shop 15 minutes before schedule. He sat at a corner table. He waited for almost three hours for the girl. She did not turn up, so he called her father, who said that she had left house almost four hours ago. The girl was in the coffee house, just the next table, but with another guy! When he approached her, she shook his hand and wished him good luck for future. Now, he is on a match making website, trying to find a girl for himself!

Social networking site is a great thing to have happened in our generation. Friends of a friend are our friends. One such link up blossomed, when a girl started liking my friend’s nature photography that he posted on facebook. 'Likes' turned into love. For almost two years they were together, and one fine day the girl said that she did not like his friends’ circle (which included me). She gave him two choices, ‘my way or your friends way.’ Today he is with us, without a clue of why that girl behaved the way she did.

Another close friend of mine had the worst experience. The girl came all the way from London, impressed by his creative writing. She promised love and marriage. For almost three months, they dated. Everything was sailing smoothly, till one evening he got a call from the Mysore police commissioner stating that the girl had committed suicide at the house of his ex-lover.

My cousin, had to face another such embarrassment, when the girl he was ‘almost’ engaged to made a demand that after marriage he should settle down in her native and in her parent’s house. The marriage proposal ended then and there. Many such incidents have made me cynical and fearful about marriage. I wonder at times, what I will end up being asked by the girl I am supposed to marry during our marriage interview!