2-hour Tuesday ordeal blot on Metro's image

2-hour Tuesday ordeal blot on Metro's image

Commuters expect better services

Despite the Delhi Metro Rail Corporation’s (DMRC) repeated claims of “fail safe” technical system which ensures commuters’ safety in case of breakdown of any of the sub-systems, the two-hour  fiasco on Tuesday on Yellow Line is a glaring example of lack of its preparedness to evacuate stranded passengers in an underground stretch.

At around 9.15 am, a train started from Central Secretariat Metro station towards Udyog Bhawan but broke down midway.

Hundreds of commuters including children and women were groping in darkness between the two stations.

With no help in sight even half an hour later, the passengers broke open the emergency exit in panic.

“The DMRC didn’t even make a proper announcements about what had happened and how much time it would take to fix the fault,” said Rohan Shukla, after reaching Rajiv Chowk.

“We waited for 20 to 25 minutes after which, we pushed the emergency gates open,” he added.

Travellers entered the rail tracks from both the emergency gates.

A DMRC official said, “Some passengers entered the adjacent track which was meant for Jahangirpuri-bound train. As the track was populated by commuters, the Metro operational managers decided against sending a rescue train to push the stranded train towards the next station since this could have endangered the lives of commuters moving on the tracks.”

While the passengers said the technical glitch could be fixed only after 11.35 am,  DMRC official claimed that services resumed at 11 am.