Northern Rly to conserve water at 2 main stations

Northern Rly to conserve water at 2 main stations

Recycling plants will come up to meet water scarcity

Northern Rly to conserve water at 2 main stations

To address the problem of water shortage at the old Delhi railway station and to optimally use water at the New Delhi station, Northern Railway is coming up with water recycling plants at these two busiest stations in the city.

The Northern Railway officials said setting up water recycling plants at the two stations is a step towards conserving water in a better way as it is a valuable resource.
“Work for installation of the recycling units has been sanctioned. The civil work is expected to start soon. An overhead tank would be constructed near the station yards as the water that would be recycled would be used in maintenance of trains,” said a senior Northern Railway official.

The officials said the recycled water would not be supplied to the drinking water taps as people are still apprehensive of using the recycled water for portable purposes.

Washing lines

Officials said the recycled water would meet a majority of the water demands at the washing lines in the yards.

“It takes about 2,400 litres of water to wash a train. Around 1.45 million litres per day is being consumed for washing trains at the washing lines of New Delhi railway station alone. The demand at the old Delhi washing lines is almost similar. The recycling plants would largely take care of the water demands,” said an official. 

Over 200 trains operate from both New Delhi and the old Delhi railway stations, catering to about nine lakh passengers per day.

While the requirement of New Delhi station – which has an average footfall of five lakh - is 125 lakh litre per day, the water requirement of the old Delhi railway station is about 60 lakh litre per day.

While the New Delhi railway station does not face water scarcity on day-to-day basis, the old Delhi railway station usually battles water scarcity, especially during the summer season.

A rainy well (deep bore wells) is being constructed on the bank of Yamuna, to feed the old Delhi station, for last few years but it is far from completion.

Apart from recycling plants, the department is also coming up with rain water harvesting units at New Delhi and Nizamuddin railway stations.