An evening of illusions

An evening of illusions

Magic Show

An evening of illusions

Illusionist Rahul Kharbanda, who performed at Inorbit Mall recently, mesmerised those who had gathered to watch him with his magical tricks and illusions.

The audience — which comprised a mix of college goers, young kids and their parents and senior citizens — were amazed by the tricks that Rahul showcased. Of the many tricks that they got to witness, some of the popular ones included making a table float in the air, levitating a team member, pushing a sword through a girl after which she walked off unhurt and so on.

 There were other tricks that amused the audience, especially the young lot: two pieces of paper were torn, pushed into the magician’s wrist and pulled out of a sorcerer’s hat, which was presented to a young volunteer; burning pieces of paper were tranformed into candy, which was thrown out to the audience as well as different rope tricks.

During the performance, members of the audience were called to the stage with currency notes. A young boy’s Rs 10 was changed into a magical Rs 500 and so on. Card tricks, which are an essential part of a magic show, were another feature of the performance. The audience had a great time guessing different cards.

The audience members, who were deeply impressed by the tricks and illusions, were very appreciative of the show. Harsh, an IT professional who attended the event, says, “I found out about the show through pamphlet advertisements and wanted my three-year-old daughter to watch it.” He adds that the trick with the currency notes left them spellbound. 

Kavya, a school student, comments, “I am in the City for a holiday and this show seemed like an interesting way to spend the evening with family. I loved the part where the table flew in the air.” Little did Mukesh, a chartered accountant, know the surprise he was in for when he decided to shop at the mall — he was a part of Rahul’s act on stage.

 He says, “It was definitely unexpected to be on the stage. I think the sleight of hand was pre-determined though.” Khadija, a homemaker, who was also a part of the act, adds, “I’ll cherish the jumbo card that I will take back as a souvenir.”