Exotic beats from Africa

Exotic beats from Africa

Spirited Rhythm

Exotic beats from Africa

The recently witnessed a dose of authentic African music at the ‘African Fusion Drum Show’, held in Phoenix MarketCity.  

The five-member drum circle from Drum Events India, who performed at the event, were full of energy and enthusiasm as they serenaded the audience with different African songs, each with a distinct theme. 

While most of the audience was not aware of the traditional meaning behind the pieces, they were on their feet, dancing and having a great time. 

There were a lot of little children dancing to the beat too, which was adorable to watch. The show included many instruments. There were different drums like the cajon, conga, djmebe, djun djun and the talking drum. 

Others included the kanjira, darbuka,  cowbells, agogo bells and on. The lighting along with the different beats seemed to transport the audience to a distant land, and they were all awed by the rhythm. 

The compositions performed at the show included Jera, a hunter’s song; Gahu, a traditional song and ‘Godfather’, a piece dedicated to the fathers in the crowd, aimed at spreading the message to the audience that they should ask their ancestors about their legacy. 

The other pieces included were Hume Hume, a harvest song and Aza, a celebration song. “I was inspired by the African band Osibasa, which belongs to the era of Boney M and ‘ABBA’.

I was deeply inspired by Julie-Ann Odell, the founder of Dubai Drums during my association with her at Dubai. The experience also helped me interact with artistes worldwide,” says Shamrock, a percussionist and drum circle facilitator of Drum Events India. 

The audience was deeply impressed with this different experience of music and were all praises for the unique show. Neelima, an IT professional, comments, “I happened to be in the mall when the concert started,and planned to stay for just a few minutes. But two hours later I was still hooked to the beats — that speaks volumes.” 

Preeti, a homemaker from Dubai, appreciated the authentic air about the show. “It certainly is more exotic than the Justin Bieber music my daughter listens to. The music is vastly different and a welcome change, ” she says.

A film-making intern from the US, Laina, says, “This performance bears a stark resemblance to the African dance and culture workshops I have attended in Connecticut.” She adds, “On a leisurely evening, it certainly was worth making the trip from Richards Town.”