A sense of security

A sense of security

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A sense of security

The management of Mount Carmel Pre-University College is known to maintain a certain standard. New students are moulded and taught to fall in line with this standard, the campus culture and discipline. 

The management takes it upon itself to orient the students and make them feel warm and welcome on their first day itself.

 Some of this batch of first pre-university students were accompanied by the their parents on the opening day. The parents waited patiently, while their children were taken through an in-depth orientation programme. 

Metrolife interacts with the management, students and parents to understand how each of them plan to settle down into the new atmosphere.  

The students didn’t seem nervous at all. The excitement of getting over with school and entering college life was writ large on their faces. 

They all bought themselves new clothes and accessories to match and dressed their best on the opening day. 

The students say that they are not only prepared to excel in academics but make the best of their college life as well. Most of the students say that they chose the college for its academic excellence.   

Nikita, a first-year student, feels there’s a lot of security on campus. “There’s discipline and that gives me freedom to enjoy college life but within certain limitations,” she says. Pragnyadeepta chose the college because she has heard a lot about the excellent faculty and discipline from her cousins. 

“My cousins studied here and since I am an introvert by nature, I think an all girl’s college is good. Besides, you don’t have to be conscious about yourself since there are only girls around. There’s freedom,” she says. Harshita Ashok joined the college because most toppers are from here. 

“The two years after school are crucial because most of us tend to get into professional courses and hence, it is important that we are coached well,” reasons Harshita. 

Principal Sr M Sonia feels students must be given the confidence to bring out their best. “We would like to mould the students in the best way possible. The faculty and the welfare officers are trained to do the same,” she says.   

The student welfare officers not only double up as mentors but handle all the issues related to the students. 

Babitha Saldanha, the chief welfare officer and head of the department of biology, says “There are a lot of activities that keep the students on their toes throughout the year. The students are not only taught discipline but teachers also make an attempt to go beyond the textbooks.” 

Dorcas D, from the department of commerce, adds, “We create a warm atmosphere for the students, one that is free of fear. We are accessible at all times for the students.”
 Most parents are very supportive of their child’s choice of college. Anitha and Paul say that their daughter, who is one of the new students, wants to pursue microbiology. 

“We have given her the freedom to choose her college and the stream. There’s no pressure from our end. We only ask her to be careful and work in a disciplined manner,” says Paul. 

Sumitha Jayan says, “We put our daughter here because her cousins are in the same college. It’s a secure atmosphere, one where there’s freedom and discipline at the same time.”