Incredible eggs

Incredible eggs

Snack on it

Summer is almost over and you can look forward to having eggs again. Full of protein, minerals and vitamins, eggs are a source of complete food.

 Thankfully, they can also be cooked in a number of ways — whether with toast for breakfast, salad for lunch or egg curry for dinner. Eggs fit the bill everywhere. So read on and enjoy a few easy egg recipes. 

Eggs with Soldiers is a mouth-watering dish from UK.  All you have to do is place the egg in boiling water, cook over low heat for four to five minutes, drain, slice off the tops and season with salt and pepper. Now prepare toast strips (the soldiers, that is) and dip them in the buttery molten egg to enjoy Eggs with Soldiers. 

Breaded Eggs are another favourite. Make medium-boiled eggs, peel, roll in flour, dip in beaten eggs and roll in bread crumbs. Shallow-fry in vegetable oil, turning until crisp. Also, try Scotch Eggs. Pat bulk sausage around peeled medium-boiled eggs. Roll in flour, dip in beaten eggs, roll in bread crumbs and shallow-fry in vegetable oil. 

Then there is the Holland special Pickled Eggs. Make hard-cooked eggs, peel and place in a large jar. Then fill the jar with vinegar, brine or pickled beet juice. Cover and refrigerate for up to one week. It goes very well with beer.

Hard-cooked eggs also make for classic Devilled Eggs. Lengthwise, halve the eggs and scoop out the yolks. Mash with one tablespoon sweet pickle relish, three tablespoons mayonnaise, one teaspoon mustard and a pinch of cayenne, salt and pepper. Scoop into the whites. 

For lunch, try the Tarragon Egg Salad. Chop one hard-cooked egg, mix with three tablespoon mayonnaise, one chopped shallot, one teaspoon white wine vinegar, one tablespoon chopped tarragon, salt and pepper. Serve on pumpernickel bread with sliced cucumbers. 

Another egg salad recipe is made with mushrooms. Chop one hard-cooked egg, fry two cups sliced mushrooms and one cup chopped onion in 1/3 cup olive oil. Mix with the eggs, three tablespoons sour cream, chopped parsley, and salt and pepper. Serve on rye toast.

When looking for something flavourful, go for Tea Eggs. Make hard-cooked eggs, crack the shells but don’t peel. Simmer in half cup soy sauce, three cups water, four star anise pods, three black tea bags and a strip of orange peel for one hour. Drain and peel. Makes for a nice snack too.