Rooting herself in culture

Rooting herself in culture

Pretty Teacher

Rooting herself in culture

 Aindrita Ray

Aindrita Ray walked up to a white board and wrote thank you on it. She then turned around to look at her students for an answer. If you are wondering what was Aindrita trying to do, she was the new Kannada teacher in Bangalore and her classroom was the central atrium in Garuda Mall.

To commemorate the formation of Karnataka State and saluting the significance of Kannada language and culture, Aindrita’s Kannada Patashala was organised in the mall, where in, the popular Kannada film actress taught some of the common words and expressions in Kannada like Thank you, Sorry, Hello, How are you and so on to a large audience.  

It surely was exciting for the students to have a hot Kannada teacher like Aindrita Ray. Besides, the venue of the classroom also was cool with many people walking around along with many well-known brand stores.

The best part about attending this class was that there was no dress code and Kannada was the only subject taught here.

Aindrita also taught whatever her students wanted her to teach and sang songs and delivered some of the dialogues from her movies, which her students asked for. Where else could one find such a lovely teacher?

Plus, whenever the students answered her questions correctly, they got goodies on the spot. Sahana, a student said, “It feels nice to attend classes conducted by Aindrita mam, as I am a non Kannadiga, I learnt some words, and I will surely start using these words from now on.”