Never deserted for sure...

Never deserted for sure...

Pastry place

Never deserted for sure...

From tarts, gateaux to muffins, ‘Desserted’, the cafe patisserie, is a delight for those with a sweet tooth. Irresistible pastries welcome you to ‘Desserted’, which is anything but deserted.

Located in a quaint old house in Vasanthnagar, the two-month-old place is a delight to spend time and grab a bite.

“Starting a place like this was always on my mind. Initially, the plan was to open a chocolate shop, but later, I decided to go ahead with a patisserie,” explains Swetha Kurada, who runs the place with some help from her parents. It was after she honed her baking skills that she opened the place.

While Swetha finds that Bangaloreans have refined tastes, she is glad that the City is constantly on a ‘sugar high’. However, she points out that the ingredients used are very healthy. “No colour and dalda are used. And the margarine that is used is very pure. I make sure that I give my customers only what I feel confident to give my family,” she explains, adding that extra effort is taken to ensure that there is a home-made feel in what is served.

Surrounded by corporate houses, residences and now with college is re-opening
after summer break, the place has a varied clientele. “My customers keep coming back here. People here are very specific in what they want and have very refined tastes. Although it was supposed to be a college-type of place, opening during summer, we found ourselves catering to others as well,” she says.

“All the recipes here are my own. During the trial period, all of us worked on all the dishes. But now each of us has specified areas. However, when we introduce a new product, all of us work on it,” she says, adding that it’s a team of five who work in the kitchen. Pointing out to the favourites among students, she says that most of them opt for the chilli cheese toast and desi fries.

“Our signature dish is the mango tart and the fresh fruit tarts. We have been making three batches of mango tarts everyday,” she smiles. “We have been very selective in what we have put on the menu,” she adds.

Breads, sandwiches, smoothies, desi and french fries and a wide variety of desserts are available. Coming up soon on the menu are Mexican fries. Ask her how ‘Desserted’ stands out from other patisseries and she says that her USP is ‘customer engagement’. “It’s not just about the food here. A lot of people come to spend time. And many who come here are forthcoming with their suggestions,” she says.

“I come here for the pastries. Since I have a sweet tooth, I opt for pastries such as the eclairs and strawberry cupcake. I’ve just visited the place twice and I found that it was a nice place to relax after a long day,” says Anand, a professional.

“While the desserts are very tasty, I also like the intricate presentation,” says Prabha, a homemaker, referring to the mango tart she generally opts for. Desserted is located at 42, 8th Main Road, Vasanthnagar. For details call 9611733066.