Modi talks of healing wounds in Kashmir

Modi talks of healing wounds in Kashmir

Virtually launching the party's campaign for 2014 elections, Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday talked about the need to “heal the wounds” of Kashmiris and connect its aspiring youth with the national mainstream for the development of the state.

Often described by critics as a divisive figure, Modi sought to portray himself as a leader who unifies, saying he would work for bringing parties and hearts together.

Addressing a rally, Modi invoked former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee and said the task he left incomplete would be pursued by the BJP if voted to power.

He attacked the UPA government over its Kashmir policy, economy and national security, saying it has failed on all fronts. “Vajpayee had sought to win over the heart of Kashmir with compassion, love and dialogue...Had he been elected to power in 2004, he would have succeeded in his Kashmir policy,” he said.

Kashmiri youth were aspiring for development and progress and they needed to be connected with the national mainstream.  “The youth in Kashmir valley want to be part of the development. Guns can spill blood but will do no good to one’s life,” he said.