Retain your style in rains

Retain your style in rains


Retain your style in rains

After scorching heat when rains come calling, every Delhiite wishes to get wet and jump into the puddles yet retain their stylish look. Though it is difficult to combine both the wishes, it is not impossible to do so!

Since youngsters just need a reason to redo their wardrobe, Metrolife provides them with options to theme it around monsoon this time.

Starting from the silhouettes, one must pick something that doesn’t cling to the body since one is sure to get wet. “Avoid well-fitted dresses and instead opt for loose garments such as kaftans,” suggests fashion designer Aniket Satam. For the bottoms he advices, “capris because one doesn't need to worry about the helm getting dirty.” So pack away your denims and opt for above ankle-length trousers for a semi-formal look.

But “smart layering” is also a must! Aniket informs, “Colour blocking and fabric blocking is very much in, so one can team up two ensembles in the same colour but with different textures.” This also helps in the time of adversity when the upper layer is spoiled by rain! Even trench rain coats serve the purpose of keeping your inner layer dry and look stunning with almost every look.     

Be careful in your choice of fabric and to look trendy even when the clouds are thundering. So, “go for those georgette and chiffon flowy dresses which are comfortable to wear,” proposes designer Pawan Sachdeva. “Say a big ‘No’ to crushable fabrics like linen as they tend to shrink when wet,” he warns, lest you end up looking the odd one out in your board meeting.

For those who can experiment with colours, both designers give a thumbs up to bright colours. While Aniket suggests neon, Pawan supports the choice of
fun prints in blue and poppy pink.

Do not forget to accessorise your look but invest in printed scarves instead of wearing metal necklaces around your neck which may cause distress to the skin during rains. Scarves are the coolest statement this monsoon and can also be used to tie up the hair. One can opt for monochrome with a hint of nude shades. These can also be tied at one end of your transparent plastic tote, which is in fashion this

Don’t forget the quintessential umbrella for it gives you an opportunity to add colour to your attire. For a formal look, carry a classic black Raj Kapoor style long stemmed umbrella. But if you are not one of those old-fashioned types then remember to flaunt transparent umbrellas in neon shades and different shapes that are compact yet handy! So, go out there and enjoy the monsoon!