Stay smart in the classroom

Stay smart in the classroom

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Stay smart in the classroom

It’s time for teachers to pull up their socks, especially since students in the City are watching them with inquisitive eyes.

Being a role model to students is a part of the job. As much as a teacher is appreciated for his or her knowledge of a particular subject, his or her sense of style is equally important.

In fact, many students have expressed that they want their teachers to dress tastefully.
In a survey conducted among 200 students of classes 10 and 11, by DPS Bangalore South, it was found that students would like their teachers to carry themselves with ‘style and confidence’.

This survey was shared with Metrolife by one of the teachers, Kavita Ghosh from the DPS Bangalore South.

It reveals that the students would prefer to have their teachers come to classroom in matched, smart and ironed clothes.

Other revelations include that they would like their teachers to wear a moderate amount of make-up and avoid dark and loud colours in school.

If they paint nails, they should maintain the manicure and ensure that they don’t come to the classroom with chipped or flaky polish.

Gaudy-coloured clothes should also be avoided by the teachers in the school.

Suggestions given by the students included ‘pastel shades or anything that is simple but smart at the same time’.

Teachers should ensure that they don’t repeat the same outfit in a five-day time span.
“If teachers don’t present themselves well in class, there is a tendency not to respect them much — even if their teaching is very good. Teachers play an influential role in all aspects and in these matters too,” says Aradhana Kamal, a student of a
City college.

In fact, many students also admit that they feel their teachers should pay attention to their footwear.

According to the survey, they believe that their teachers should steer clear of slippers.
Footwear, they feel, should be casual and perfectly match the outfit.

“Teachers have an impact on the students, whether it is in terms of behaviour or
dressing. For instance, there are many dress restrictions in my college which are
followed very strictly. If a teacher dresses over the top, we wouldn’t think twice before wearing something we aren’t supposed to either,” opines Pushpanjali Borthakur, a student of MS Ramaiah College of Arts and Science.

“Teachers are looked upon as role models. It is true that students are there to learn. But it is only natural that they observe the way their teachers dress.

Students learn a lot from their teachers and imbibe their ways. It’s important that teachers know that they are being watched,” says Kavita Ghosh.

She’s quick to add, “But that doesn’t mean a student should disrespect a teacher.”

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