Give your room personality

Here's an easy, affordable and temporary way to transform a room, writes Mala Ashok

You are tired of your walls. More importantly, you are tired of painting your walls. Well, if your paint is still in good condition but you feel “blah” about it, here is an option – wall decals. Going online and finding a wall decal to perk your room up is literally as easy as keying in www.

Just google “wall decals in India” and you are bound to come up with numerous options for dealers selling wall decals.

Not only are wall decals wonderful as DIY (Do It Yourself) projects they also add individuality to your room.

They are an easy, affordable and temporary way to transform a room. Since these flexible vinyl decals come in dozens of colours and thousands of designs they offer a wide variety of décor options.

You can do zany things with decals; like having a tree in your bathroom or a park bench and cycle in your drawing room!  These are likely to bring a smile to everyone who enters the room and you will feel different each time you look at the decals.

If you want to personalise your room you can shop for decals which speak of your job or your personality. Prices of decals are dependent on size, but the cost is definitely lower than hiring a painter to paint your walls. Check with your landlord first, but these decals make for a very good option for tenants who want to personalise their rental flats.

While the worldwide leader in this décor option is, there are several Indian decal sites online and even children specific companies. Since kids outgrow early “baby décor” very fast, this is a very good option as you can change the décor with the growth of your child. There are even decals suitable for college dorms.

The best part of trying this décor form is that the decals come with very good instructions so you can spend a companionable afternoon doing up your home.

One of the sites has given detailed instructions as to how to apply and remove decals.
Briefly, before applying wall decals first make sure that the wall you are going to apply is clean and dry.

Next, decide exactly where the decal is going to be placed and mark the spot.
While it is important to choose a suitable location for decals, it is also important that the surface you are applying on is clean, dry and dust free.

The decal itself comes in three layers: Protective backing paper, transfer paper which is a transparent paper on top of the decal and the decal itself which is sandwiched between the above two layers.

Your decal manufacturer will give you detailed instruction on how to apply these layers and all you need to do is follow the instructions step-by-step and then sit back and enjoy your room with a personality!

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