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Last Updated 04 July 2013, 12:33 IST

With prices skyrocketing, building a house has become a herculean task. Container homes offer an economical, eco-friendly solution, writes Ram Mohan S

The house is a bare necessity for every individual to live in. Building a dream house is a challenge on its own. Cost of construction raw materials, cost, power – water scarcity, bank loan approval and haggling with contractors and deadlines make building a house a herculean task as well.

Why to get into all such intricacies? Buying a ready-made house is a better option which saves time and personal supervision.

There is good news for those interested in eco-friendly ready-made houses in Garden City. Container homes are a green, economical and surprisingly flexible alternative to traditional houses as they provide modern dwellings for any household size – from individual to family to community housing. A look at some of these container dwellings show how living in a steel box can be stylish and environment friendly.

Shipping containers have always intrigued us with their strength and versatility. Taking a step further, how about living in one with the family?

Container homes are a new approach towards modular, eco-friendly and cost-effective housing. Useful spaces are created by arranging and joining containers in various positions. Arranging containers is similar to arranging LEGO bricks, except that the bricks are at least 20ft long, 8ft wide and 8ft high. Container homes are a popular concept in Western and South East Asian countries, but in India, they are slowly trying to find ground.

A normal house consists of 4-5 containers, two making up the container home and other two being used as parking space, pooja room, kitchen and other rooms. The possibilities are endless. Container homes take considerably less time to build when compared to traditional houses. Kamesh, an architect from Bangalore says: “The relatively cheap shipping container is a good foundation for a strong, mobile and post-apocalyptic home. In the last two years, we have incorporated shipping containers into everything from schools to houses not just for aesthetic reasons, but also out of economic necessity”. So, how much would a container home cost? About Rs 8 to 10 lakhs, says Kamesh.

People looking to own a container house should keep in mind several factors. First and foremost, container homes are available in many types and sizes. Individual sections are shipped, flat packed and assembled on site. The assembly of the house takes about half or a single day. In other words, they are ready to move in and be used in a day! Usually made of steel, container houses are very strong, are heat insulated and are good looking as well! They can be disassembled easily and transported from one place to another. With quick assembly it is also easier to fix electricity, lighting, waste and clean piping in no time. And there is no need to worry about flooring as the floor is all ready, waiting for you!

The most important aspect of a container house is that there won’t be much damage during earthquakes. So, what are you waiting for? Time to check out the newest housing option in the market!

(Published 04 July 2013, 12:33 IST)

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