Nazia Hassan's son leads musical tribute

Nazia Hassan's son leads musical tribute

The 16-year-old son of Pakistani pop icon Nazia Hassan has led a special tribute in memory of his mother in London.

Arez Hassan opened the 'Music that Becomes a Message' event at the Nehru Centre for the Nazia Hassan Foundation, set up to help raise funds for children in need in Pakistan.

The event marked the finale of a singing competition which offers a platform for talented young artistes singing Nazia Hassan songs in the UK, with the winner bagging the chance to record an album.

"There were no set criteria for the participants because music knows no boundaries, and the message of the Nazia Hassan Foundation is Caring Beyond Boundaries. This competition is open to all young Asians from the Indian sub-continent," Arez said.

"Music was so important to my mum and it is equally important to me. When I listen to my mum's songs it is the emotions I feel deep inside translated into words. I hope one day I can make music, not only to make her proud but also to give others the happiness which music has given to me all my life," he added.

Nazia Hassan, who died of cancer in August 2000, was equally popular in Pakistan and India as a result of some of her chart-topping hits such as 'Aap Jaisa Koi' and 'Disco Dewaane' from the 1980 Hindi film 'Qurbani'.

"A recent Indian film (Student of the Year) had a song sung by Nazia and it started a Nazia Hassan revival. That confirmed to me that people till today remember my daughter and with a lot of affection.

The Nazia Hassan Foundation was created to make her dream come true of working for little children who do not have a family or are not looked after properly and this year we are taking it a step further," said her mother Muniza Bashir, who has planned a major fundraiser for the foundation on September 14.

Bollywood actress Zeenat Aman, on whom Nazia's famous 'Aap Jaisa Koi' number was picturised, will be among the special guests at the event in central London, when the winner of the musical competition will be unveiled as a key performer of the evening.

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