7-year-old UK boy writes to NASA

7-year-old UK boy writes to NASA

A seven-year-old British boy's letter to NASA asking for advice about becoming an astronaut has elicited response from the US space agency, along with encouraging photos and stickers.

The letter which has gone viral on-line reads: "Dear NASA, my name is Dexter I heard that you are sending 2 people to Mars and I would like to come but I'm 7."

The hand-written note, in which Dexter asked for advice about becoming an astronaut, got a full response from NASA, along with some stickers and posters.

The space agency also encouraged the schoolboy to explore space camp, get good grades and continue "reaching for the stars."

Dexter's mother, Katrina Anderson told The Huffington Post that her son is very happy with the response.

"His initial reaction was shock! He couldn't believe he got a package that big from NASA honestly I thought he'd only get a letter at best," Anderson wrote.

"Then he excitedly tore open the letter somewhat carefully and read the letter out loud. He then looked at the pictures then put them in his room for safe keeping. He loves science and maths and after visiting the Kennedy Space Centre last year his interest has known no bounds!" she wrote.

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