Air, water polluted in HBR Layout

Air, water polluted in HBR Layout

Sewerage contaminating ground water; skin, respiratory problems on rise

Residents alleged that despite repeated complaints, both the BWSSB and the BBMP have not addressed it.

Sewage pipeline extends from I to V Block of HBR Layout. Sewage from 1,000 mm  pipeline on a regular basis contaminates rainwater that flows inside the drain. This has led to contamination of ground water in the area, which has resulted in the closure of many borewells here.
Sewage from Nagwara Road and Tannery Road flows through pipeline and enters First, Ninth and Tenth Main of Fifth Block, said K Pavithra, who owns a beauty parlour here.

“My seven-year-old daughter has developed skin allergy of late. At least one family member in 90 per cent of  households in V Block has been suffering from allergic bronchitis, asthma or skin rashes due to pollution of air and water,” she added.
Interestingly, many have been complaining of symptoms of asthma in the past one year. Moreover, it is impossible to stand outside my home due to pollution of air, complained Pavithra.

Khalid Ahmed, a businessman in the vicinity, said that his family never opened windows or doors because of the stench and mosquitoes.
“Though top officials have visited the spot often, no action is initiated,” he charged.  
General Secretary of HBR Layout Residents’ Welfare Association Aneez Ahmed said he had been writing to Cauvery Bhavan (BWSSB head office) for more than a year, but no action has been taken to this day. The BWSSB feels that storm water drain comes under the jurisdiction of BBMP, while the Palike thinks otherwise, he said. Finally, both of them do not bother to set right the issue, Ahmed observed.
Official version

BBMP Chief Engineer of storm water Drains Siddalingaiah said he would inspect the area shortly. “I will also personally request the BWSSB Chief Engineer to repair the sewage pipeline at once, as it is the BWSSB’s responsibility.”
Meanwhile, Chief Engineer, BWSSB, Venkataraju said that he would ask the local engineer in-charge to attend to the issue immediately.