Proposal to stop retirement of teachers mid-academic year

Proposal to stop  retirement of teachers  mid-academic year

Minister for Primary and Secondary Education Kimmane Ratnakar on Tuesday said he proposes to stop retirement of teachers in the middle of an academic year.

“We are proposing this policy to the Finance department and the chief minister to scrap the mid-academic term retirement of teachers to ensure that there is no impact on the education of students,” the minister told the Legislative Council.

Replying to questions by Janata Dal (S) members on issues pertaining to the release of grants to government schools and first-grade colleges, Ratnakar said the policy would try to ensure that all retirements are given effect on June 1 each year.

“At the beginning of every academic year, we shall have the list of vacancies created due to retirement. We will try to extend the term of those teachers who are to retire in the middle of an academic year,” he said.

He said teachers, whose terms would be extended till the end of the academic year, will be paid salary.

On the 16-year delay in disbursing grants for unaided schools set up between 1987 and 1994-95, Ratnakar said there were a series of financial restraints on successive governments for its disbursal. However, it was finally cleared in 2011. The government will try to disburse Rs 54.63 crore meant for 274 primary, secondary and first-grade colleges in the next one month, he said.

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