Of serene spaces

Of serene spaces

You are immediately ensconced in Zen like peace and calm as you enter “home stylist” Priyanka Gupta’s 3 BHK apartment on Old Madras Road. The warm glow of the candles, a serene Buddha, and the clean, uncluttered space gives you a feeling of warmth and welcome.

“My passion is ‘dressing up’ people’s homes,” says Priyanka Gupta. “I like to style homes in a way that is modern yet bringing in the owner’s personality and way of life in the design. I believe in the Buddha philosophy and that is the reason you see it reflected in my decor too. I do a lot of meditation and like my home to look immaculate yet lived in, inviting and warm,” she says.

No wonder then, her home is almost meditative and serene! Rich textures inside and out warm up the modern look, and natural light streams into the house from all directions.

A variety of wooden textures and tones gives the space a cosy character and contrasts nicely with the light coloured walls. The home exudes an atmosphere of calm and equilibrium with its off-white and metal-toned colours and abundance of natural light. The wall facing the entrance has an arresting dull gold finish, with a white Buddha in a benign posture. The focal light and the candles in the corners add a stature to the whole atmosphere of the house.

The sofas done in beige with gold and copper overtones make for a stunning visual. The gold Buddha artefact on the wall re-emphasises the motif. The centre table, with its striking inlay work and colourful palette of gold, red, blue and green, may well be a conversation point.

Facing this is a niche with a mahogany wooden wall and a seating area with storage below. It’s an ingenious way to use space and add glamour to the living room.

Facing the dining area is a small terrace which provides plenty of illumination, ideal for homes where one wants to incorporate greenery as well as have natural light flowing inside the house. This not only brightens up the space but also creates a feeling of being one with nature. The French windows overlooking the dining area let the interior space feel interconnected to the outdoors.

“The huge terrace space allows me to be close to nature. We love to sit on the jhoola and admire our little garden. On a rainy day, just sitting on the dining table and enjoying our tea while watching the clouds and the rains is our favourite activity,” says Priyanka.

On one of the dining space walls is a slender rectangular cupboard made of beautiful cutwork wood and frosted glass with flower patterns. You would not be wrong if you thought that’s a tiny nook created by her for her crockery. But this, the owner reveals is a small space dedicated to the temple.

“We did not have enough space to place our pray area the way we had earlier envisaged. In small apartments where space is an issue, having a pray area the way I have created, is, for me, innovative as it merges with the whole environment yet you have a space of your own to pray,” she says. The corridor connecting the rooms has a clever alcove which serves as a backdrop for beautiful family pictures. The children’s room, beautifully done up in pink and lemon yellow is her daughters’ haven. The wardrobes, with reflecting glass, makes the room look more spacious than it actually is. The high point of the room is the two scribble boards on the wall, where her daughter can draw at will, scribble and not have to worry about ruining the walls.

Priyanka says, “It was very important for me that my child feels comfortable and can let go of herself in her room — her space. The frosted glass looks good as a decor element and doubles up as a scribble board for my daughter. She can let her imagination run and then can wipe it clean later. This does not curb the freedom of little children and works well for families with kids. It can also be incorporated in your study like a board for your thoughts and ideas.”

The master bedroom has been kept simple and timeless. It exudes an understated style, courtesy a sombre coloured scheme. The colour scheme is ruled by earthy hues and dull gold and has a material palette that is dominated by wood. She has kept her bedroom uncluttered, making it her own private space.

“I have not splurged lavishly yet managed to create a beautiful space where all elements merge harmoniously.The kitchen cupboards give an impression of solid wood but they are wood finish laminates. The market is flooded with a plethora of choices and if selected wisely, we can design our home which is economical yet aesthetically pleasing. You don’t even have to go far. Bangalore offers a myriad variety in terms of artefacts and decor furniture and furnishings. We just have to have a keen eye for aesthetics.”

Sure enough, this arresting mix of eastern philosophy and modern style makes this place both exotic and appealing.

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