TV TALK: Nov 7

TV TALK: Nov 7

TV TALK: Nov 7

Creating a perfect picture

Tune in to MTV Making the Cut on November 7 at 6 pm. Catch all the excitement on this week’s episode as Bollywood heart-throb Kunal Kapoor joins the elite panel of judges!

Snipping scissors and clicking stilettos; things are definitely heating up as
competition between the contestants gets rough and tough.

The drama escalates as rivalries build up and contestants fight to be at the top. But they must put their gloves aside to design a mood of romance and magic to win this episode.

Who will survive the fight to rise above and be a leading contender? And who will fall in the face of intense pressure? Watch out for this nail-biting episode where enemies must become friends in order to create the perfect picture.

Before hell takes over

HBO presents Hellboy II: The Golden Army on November 7 at 9 pm starring Ron Perlman, Selma Blair, John Hurt and Doug Jones. Hellboy must battle a marauding army of creatures set on the world by a diabolical villain from another realm. Selma Blair returns as Hellboy’s pyrokinetic girlfriend, and together, they must save the world before hell, quite literally, breaks loose.

The feast is on

Respond to your soul’s dream and your stomach’s appetite as National Geographic Channel’s sumptuous show, Food Lover’s Guide to the Planet comes back in its second season. It is bigger, better and definitely tastier taking the food lovers across countries, as they experience a new culture and a new cuisine every Sunday at 8 pm.

With Food Lover’s Guide to the Planet, every destination is a dream destination — from delightful cuisines in exotic places to extraordinary people carrying on age old traditions. The show gives viewers a unique cultural look at the world; from the Vietnamese street kids who empower themselves through cooking to learning the secret behind Kimchi in Korea, to sailing across the Mediterranean, to enjoying Florentine street food. This is a series that binds different cultures with the common thread that is food.

Eating Montreal airs on November 8 at 8 pm. In this episode, weeds are turned into wild bounty in the countryside, the centuries old tradition of cider making is resurrected and the show dares to go where no chef has gone before.