Confident about their choice

Nurturing skills

Confident about their choice

The campus of Army Institute of Fashion and Design may have shifted into the interiors of Kothanur but that hasn’t done much to dampen the spirits of the aspiring fashion and apparel designers who have joined the college.

The batch of freshers is keen to learn lessons from their seniors and teachers and is open to new experiences.

While some find security in the on-campus accommodation, others are content with the guarantee of a secure future owing to the placement the college offers. With like-minded individuals always around, the energy and excitement is almost tangible.

Asked why he picked this college in particular, Kumud Baliyan replies, “I’ve always been interested in designing and I wanted to learn it from a reputed college. Since it is an army college, I was sure that they would not compromise on the discipline, focus and facilities. Another factor that pulled me in is that my friends here would also be from the army background. I think I have made the right choice.”

The faculty is also known to be well-versed with the subject of fashion and design. “I wanted a place that would nurture my creativity and this is the best option for me. I found the syllabus and courses offered very interesting and am keen to learn. I am here to live the overall experience of college,” says Lasya, another fresher.

Pankaj, who has already established himself as the talkative one in his batch, adds, “It’s a nice campus with decent facilities. I wanted to come here because some of my seniors are from here and are doing well after leaving it. I’ve personally come here to develop my drawing skills. In my time here, there are a few things that I want to improve.”

For some, this college seemed the best choice only for the promise of a future in a constantly evolving industry. “I’ve wanted to do fashion since I was in class six. Fashion is forever and you have a long career if you know what you’re doing,” says Rohit Rajput, who is keen to explore his own potential through the college.

It’s not only the freshers who are looking forward to the years ahead. There is visible excitement on the face of principal HL Vijaya Kumar too.

“I’ve already started interacting with the new students and what I can see is that they are genuinely keen to pursue education in the area of fashion,” shares the principal.

He adds, “Some of the students aren’t coming from a fashion background but even if the exposure isn’t there, there is awareness about this world that they’re entering and trying to create a place for themselves in. It’s interesting to observe the way they conduct themselves. We will give them the training needed to be professionals.”

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