Getting chatty over art

Art shows especially the ones held at popular galleries located strategically in the City have become not just venues for artists and art lovers to interact but hubs for social interaction. One such event Reflections on Urban Space by Rajib Bhattacharjee and curated by Akumal Ramachander was held recently at Time and Space and was fairly well attended in spite of the iffy weather.

The crowd filtered in singly or in pairs and promptly formed little buzzing groups in and around the exhibition space. Some complained about the incessant digging and never-ending road works that have worsened the plight of the already beleaguered Bangalore commuter. Susan George played hostess with her usual blend of cheerfulness and efficiency making sure that the guests mingled easily, partook of the refreshments and were guided through their art explorations. “I saw Rajib’s work in Kolkota a few years ago and found it outstanding. In fact, his paintings caught my eye from among fifty other artists who were on display and I decided that I must bring him to Bangalore. Note how he uses the play of light amidst his depiction of urban construction sites,” said Akumal.

While some took time to leisurely stroll around the gallery and study the paintings carefully, there were those who were busy catching up with buddies and making plans to party together later in the evening. “I actually know nothing about art and I find art shows are really great places to socialise and meet people,” said Kiran Bedi, a regular at most art showings in the City.

A young group of art lovers hotly debated the relative merits of oils versus acrylic paints while another pair of ladies, wine glasses in hand, caught up with the latest political news.
“I love the strong brush strokes and the urban contemporary landscape he is portraying so effectively. With the City under so much stress and undergoing such a transition it is a telling portrait of the way things are changing and evolving,” said Veena Sajnani.

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