We can't be cowed down, asserts Judge

We can't be cowed down, asserts Judge

We are not angry, but we are sad that the Bar has done this to judges, says Nagarathna

We can't be cowed down, asserts Judge

Advocate Subramanyam showing his injured leg after the clashes between two groups of advocates, outside the High Court in Bangalore on Monday.During a hearing, when the discussion veered towards the morning incident, Justice Gopala Gowda expressed his anguish saying that their lives were threatened and that the Chief Justice P D Dinakaran and himself were assaulted, while Justice B V Nagarathna was manhandled.

He also said that advocates picked chairs to throw at them and termed the entire incident a deliberate one.

He later stated, “We cannot be cowed down like this. We have taken the oath of Constitution.” Justice B V Nagarathna stated “We are not angry, but we are sad that the Bar has done this to us. We have to hang our heads in shame.”

She questioned, “Are we to rise at the behest of the Bar and is the Bar dictating the terms?”

Contempt case

Some senior advocates like Prof Ravi Verma Kumar suggested the filing of a case of contempt against  Advocates’ Association of Bangalore (AAB), as the Court on Saturday had granted an interim stay on the resolution passed by Advocates’ Association of Bangalore to abstain from work on Monday, as a mark of protest against the Chief Justice P D Dinakaran sitting through court proceedings.


Speaking to mediapersons, he said that the behaviour of the advocates was nothing short of rowdyism and that the entire responsibility of the incident fell on AAB President K N Puttegowda.

Resignation sought

Advocates’ Association President Puttegowda appealing to the mediamen not to protest against the assault. DH Photo“He has insulted the legal profession and thus he has to resign immediately,” Ravi Verma Kumar said.
AAB President K N Puttegowda who was resolute in carrying out the boycott despite the interim stay order, on Monday evening said that advocates had protested and the next step would be up to the Supreme Court collegium to decide.

Condemning the incident, Puttegowda disowned any responsibility for the manhandling and said that it was the work of some people who wanted to bring disrepute to the Association. The lawyers are expected to resume work on Tuesday.

Media protest

A mediaperson who was reportedly assaulted by advocates, while trying to cover the boycott, staged a protest in front of the High Court.

Minister for Law and Parliamentary Affairs Suresh Kumar rued the incident saying that such happenings gave a bad name to the legal fraternity. Condemning the incident, he said that he would conduct a meeting with the media representatives and legal fraternity and sort out the issue amicably.
Mediaperson, Venkatesh has lodged a complaint with the Vidhana Soudha police.

Action to be taken

City Police Commissioner Shankar Bidari said that adequate protection would be provided to the Chief Justice and action would be taken against lawyers who had acted contrary to the law.

Registrar General R B Budihal has written nearly a four page letter to the Commissioner, detailing the incidents that took place at High Court on Monday and has sought additional protection.