Bigger and better than before

Bigger and better than before

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Bigger and better than before

Students across the City got a taste of the world of commerce recently with ‘Resurgence 2013’, a one-day commerce fest organised by Bishop Cotton Boys’ School (BCBS).

The fifth edition of the fest had 1,000 participating students from 40 schools — a marked improvement from the fourth edition, held last year, in which 850 students from 24 schools took part.

These students got a chance to test their commercial, management and people skills. Besides, they also got to know the challenges in the commerce sphere which include labour trouble, managerial problems, stock market fluctuations and crisis management.

The events lined up through the day included ‘The Third Degree’, ‘The Longest Yard’, ‘Meltdown’, ‘Area 51’, ‘Dalal Street’, ‘Managerio’, ‘Innovation’, ‘Fallout’, ‘Find X’ and ‘Impex’.

Harish Parekh, a Class 12 student who helped organise the fest, was grateful to the teachers who rendered timely assistance. “We were in quite a disorderly state a week before the fest. But with help from our teachers, we were able to put together the event. It was much better than any of the other fests I have attended,” he said.

Putting together the fest was a good learning experience for the teenagers. “We have had a lot of fun at the same time. The teamwork has brought everyone together like a family,” added Harish. 

The students, who put up a video made by them on social networking sites, felt it helped in involving a greater number of students.

“The video, which we called ‘Brace Yourselves’, was about how contestants should get set for the event. We feel that it helped in garnering a crowd,” said Grissith Allan Wetster, a participant. Alan Manjrekar, the music captain of BCBS, felt that the fest was much bigger and better this year.

   “There were a large number of events and they were also very diverse,” he said. Aakash Athawasya, the commerce secretary of the school, shared a similar viewpoint. “It was an amazing experience. Compared to last year, we had a larger crowd. Each of the events focussed on a different sphere in commerce,” he said.

Reena S Bharatraj, ISC co-ordinator, explained that a lot of teamwork went into organising the event.

“It’s been a tireless effort by the boys, which made the event a success. Through this fest, they have got a chance to practically implement whatever they have learnt. For instance, it was a hands-on experience of management aspects, which include planning, organising, staffing, directing and controlling. Plus, it’s a change from the classroom,” she said, adding that they are elated with the response.