Lend a golden glow to your home

Lend a golden glow to your home

Touch of metal

Lend a golden glow to your home

Old things have a way of coming back in fashion and metallics in home décor are big this season.

However, it’s not the tried and tested shiny chrome, brushed nickel or antique bronze this time, but golden brass. Brass is figuring in the collections of most interior designers and those who can afford the luxury of brass are switching to it too.

Kalyani Mukherjee of Home Sweet Home label says, “It’s true. With its rich gleam and sculptural weight, this metal is experiencing a resurgence. With so many designers looking to the ‘70s, it’s inevitable that brass will show up more and more - from home accessories to cocktail tables to virtually entire rooms, brass is the metal of the moment.”
“I have seen countless home features as of late that depict neutral minimalism with pops of brass accents. I love the way brass adds a sleek and chic feel to a living space. In some instances, it can add an industrial edge, as well.”

Interior decorator Mohit Gulati says that one doesn’t need to completely redo a house to boast a brass decor. Knickknacks are a great way to incorporate brass without breaking the bank. “Flea markets and antique stores are full of brass items. You can look for small brass figurines, catch-all dishes, pen holders, photo frames, lanterns, bells, bookends etc.”

“If you are looking for some bigger investment in brass, go for brass ceiling fans, lighting, mirrors, door knobs, faucets, furniture and utensils. Large art pieces can also be framed in brass. Many designer studios today will offer you stunning pieces of brass decorative items. Golden motifs on walls go very well with brass fittings,” he says.  

In case, you are building a new house, you might as well get brass sculptures and railings. While antique brass gives a more settled-in and established look, polished brass goes well with colourful interiors. Emerald green, malachite and geode themes in home décor also form a great combination with brass.

“And, don’t worry much about cleaning brass. Take half-a-lemon, squeeze it in a bowl, and add a teaspoon or so of baking soda. Now mix it well and dab a clean cotton cloth in it. Start rubbing the cloth on the brass till it turns shiny golden. Your brass
will turn as new as ever,” advises Kalyani.