Family upset by Akshay's sentence

Family upset by Akshay's sentence

On September 9, the 25-year-old Punita Devi, wife of Akshay Thakur, who is one of the accused in Delhi gangrape case, had observed fast on the occasion of Teez festival.

Considered to be one of the toughest fast, where women do not even consume a drop of water, Teez is observed for the long life of husband.

But Punita’s fast went in vain as Akshay was awarded the death sentence four days after her fast along with three other co-accused for committing a gruesome rape that shook the nation nine months ago.

 “How will I lead the rest of my life if Akshay is hanged to death?” said a wailing Punita, at Karmalahang, a nondescript village in Bihar’s Aurangabad district, some 225 kms from here. The entire family of Akshay was crestfallen after hearing the news of the death sentence despite the rest of the State hailing it.

Punita, who stays there along with her two-year-old son, her mother-in-law Malti Devi and father-in-law Saryu Singh said, “Even if Akshay is guilty, (which I am not ready to believe), will his death sentence solve the problem? Do I have a right to life, like any other Indian? Or have I come from Pakistan, and will be treated like an outcast for the rest of my life?”

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