Democracy in peril in India, warns PUCL leader

Democracy in peril in India, warns PUCL leader

“Indian democracy is in peril. It may crash any moment, unless the citizens take a decisive stand and say a firm 'no' to the kind of development that the country has been going through,” warned People's Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) National General Secretary Dr V Suresh.

He was speaking at a public interaction on 'Present human rights situation in India and the fate of democracy' organised by PUCL Karnataka here on Saturday.

Stating that there are two nations in India - one belonging to leaders and another of people, Suresh said: ''While leaders loot and plunder the resources of the country, people have increasingly been pushed towards the fringes. And the interesting aspect is that, irrespective of politics and feud, all leaders become one when someone from outside points towards their corruption or corporate favoritism.'

''When students of Koodankulam hold placards against the nuclear power plant, the State government invoked criminal procedures amounting to waging war against the country and charges of sedition. Whereas when Robert Vadra's murky land deal was exposed, the comment of BJP senior leader was 'you need not go so personal'. That was the bonhomie among the rival political parties,'' noted PUCL National General Secretary.

Dream chasers

He lamented that India's middle class people are scrambling to become one among the super rich of the country. They are made to believe that a few among them will make it to the super rich elite section. Hence, they are madly in the race, least concerned over the future of democracy or human rights in the country.

Today’s youth are thinking that social activism is not their forte, but some others’ job. “Unless we stand up and take a stand, this horror will never end,” Suresh cautioned.
Mangalore SEZ

The PUCL leader asked Mangaloreans whether they want to have their wonderful city like that of Chirapunji of today. ''Chirapunchi, once the highest rainfall receiving place in India is a drought hit arid land today. Like that, for the Special economic zone (SEZ) status of Mangalore, are you willing to give away the weather conditions and scenic beauty of the city?'' he asked.

In return of the petrochemical industries and industrial growth that have been promised by the commencement of SEZ, the loss will be climate and greenery, he added.

PUCL National President Prof Prabhakar Sinha said that the reason behind the existence of oppressing laws in independent India is that our democracy is not for the people.

Government is serving the interests of a few corporates only. ''There are a few circumstances wherein the people have been left with no choice, but to take up arms. We have to explain violence. Maoists are taking arms not for building a classless society, but they feel the government doesn't represent them,'' he contended.

Organisation Vice President Ravi Kiran Jain and PUCL DK unit President P B D'Sa also spoke.

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