A special welcome to college

A special welcome to college

The first-year students of Oxford College of Science celebrated freshers’ day on campus recently.

The programme was not only high on energy, but also showcased the creativity of the students.

From a colourful dance programme to an interesting quiz, the event was the perfect entertainer and the students enjoyed themselves thoroughly.

Most of them could be seen letting their hair down. The cultural program was buzzing with vibrancy and enthusiasm and many came forward to participate in the various events.

The freshers were thrilled by the affection showered on them by the seniors. Ashiya, a first-year student, was thrilled to get such a great welcome from them.

“I did not expect to get such a fabulous welcome. It was a very sweet gesture by them. There was endless entertainment and I relished every bit of what I saw. Most importantly, we got a chance to interact with our seniors and they told us how to go about things — especially in terms of project work and practical assignments,” says Ashiya.

The students also got an opportunity to learn a lot through this programme. For some of them, it was the first time that they were putting together a function and that helped them hone their organising skills.

Rahul, a student, says that it was a memorable day for their batch as it was the first time that they were involved in an activity in the college. “It was a very new experience for me. The highlight of the programme was the cultural function, where ‘Mr and Ms Fresher’ were chosen. The freshers’ programme was an enjoyable one and we had a great time together. Not only did it bring us closer to the seniors, but also brought us closer to our own classmates. I enjoyed the cultural function the most and hope that we will be able to assist the seniors in the inter-departmental functions later in the year,” says Rahul.

Ravi, a first-year student, notes that they were waiting with bated breath for the function and the seniors made the day special for them.

“We were told that the seniors will be throwing us a freshers’ party, but we were not informed about the date. I enjoyed every aspect of the programme and the best part was that the seniors made every attempt to make us feel special,” he sums up.