ISI harbouring top Indian Mujahideen terrorists: NIA

Last Updated 17 September 2013, 13:33 IST

Indian Mujahideen (IM) co-founders and terrorists Riyaz Bhatkal and Iqbal Bhatkal are being "harboured" by Pakistan's Intelligence agency ISI, the NIA today told a Delhi court.

The National Investigation Agency (NIA) said that as per disclosure of arrested IM co-founder Yasin Bhatkal, both Riyaz and Iqbal are now residing in Pakistan and they used to communicate with each other in coded language through the Internet.

It said that during the custodial interrogation, Yasin has disclosed that he was getting "active advice" and "guidance" from Riyaz and Iqbal to carry out terror strikes in India.

"He (Yasin Bhatkal) was getting active advice, guidance and support on the planning of these subversive activities from his co-conspirators sitting in Pakistan, namely Riyaz Bhatkal and Iqbal Bhatkal who are being harboured by Pakistan's Intelligence agency ISI.

"The communication was being made through web chat communication on the Internet which are being analysed since these are in coded language," the NIA said in its plea while seeking extension of police remand of Yasin by eight days.

The probe agency also told the court, which extended NIA's custody of Yasin till September 21, that as per his disclosure several foreign nationals from Pakistan and Nepal were also "involved in recruitment, financing, training  and providing tactical support to the accused persons as well as other IM members who are not arrested yet."

It also said Yasin had told the interrogators that some of his Indian associates are now in Pakistan, Nepal and the Middle-East and they were also involved in the conspiracy.

"One such associate has been identified and examined in the last seven days and a large number remain to be identified and located," it said.

The NIA also said Yasin had "used his earlier contacts, acquaintances and associates in furtherance of the conspiracy to organise mass casualty bomb blasts at several places in the country."

(Published 17 September 2013, 13:33 IST)

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